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ANTISECT: Out from the Void 7″ (Endangered Musik, UK, 1986)


Maybe this is and always has been more of a record that I wanted to like, than one that I really did like. I don’t recall the review I wrote for my fanzine, when “Out from the Void” came out, but I tend to believe that it wasn’t bad at all. Yet, in the years to follow, I sold the two copies I had of it. And when yesterday, I saw this single by ANTISECT for a reasonable price at some record store nearby, I just thought, what the hell – I’m buying this, but no matter what, I’m keeping it this time!
So I gave it some rounds today. I immediately knew what it was that I never liked, and that’s how the first song starts off. With these loud, reverby snare beats that sound like coming from some hairmetal band, and the main riff which sounds like many main riffs from particularly british punk bands that had caught the Metallica bug around the mid 80s (think of Concrete Sox or Broken Bones). But after a while, as the song evolves, I cannot deny a certain force it delivers. It’s well played, with a rather shitty production and yeah, the drumming is not the best, but it has some kind of a dark, eerie atmosphere that I’m fond of. The same could be said, except for the shittier metal parts, about the flipside. Generally, I appreciate the the way this single is done: No song titles, no info, just very basic, like a statement of some kind of urgency.
Don’t even talk about “In Darkness, there’s no Choice”, ANTISECT’s masterpiece, released two years prior to this. In a way, it’s grotesque to see how much the band changed and how little they seem to have understood what they did on the LP and what was so extraordinarily great about it. But that’s something you encounter quite often, maybe it’s even the regular process: Follow-up albums sometimes are trying too hard to come up with something new, at least from bands that are not just re-doing their formula over and over again. Maybe that’s a sign of artistic creativity and some form of bravery, whether or not the band succeeds. And when you listen to today’s boring crap in what’s left of the Punk or Hardcore scene, even a halfway failed attempt as this one here still gets the credit of at least trying something that was new at the time.

Out from the Void – Part 1.mp3
Out from the Void – Part 2.mp3

SCREAMING SNEAKERS- Marching Orders 12″ EP (Screaming Sneakers Records, USA, 1982)


I can’t say how I excited I was when not too long ago I heard the song “Violent Days” by a – to me – totally unknown band for the first time. SCREAMING SNEAKERS – it would sound like some sort of a comedy punk band, but as it soon showed, they were not.
Hailing from South Florida, the band moved to New York City, hoping that they’d “make it”. I think it’s fair to say that you can hear this striving for commercial success on this EP (which was recorded in NYC). From the speedy punk anthem “Violent Days” to the melancholic, new wavey “Grin and bear” and “Reflections”, to the (a bit annoying) “I can’t help it) (originally done by the Reactions): This EP was meant to be the Sneakers’ musical business card for the industry, that’s probably also why they focused heavily on the beautiful singer Lisa Nash so much. Needless to say, things didn’t work out in favor of the band’s.
All in all, this is a great EP – and “Violent Days” is one hell of a great song, with speed, adrenaline, a certain aura of facility, and yet with gloomy undertones. A bona fide punk classic that not too many have heard, unfortunately.

It took me a while to track down an affordable copy of this and here you have a quality vinyl rip at last.

Violent Days.mp3
Grin and bear.mp3
I can’t help it.mp3


F- You are an E.P. 12″EP (Intendo Distorto Records, USA, 1984)


Soundcard issues have been fixed!

One of Florida’s greatest – and still surprisingly obscured 12″ by the notorious F.
The six songs on this ep rip hard! Great voice, great guitar, competent rhythm section and songs that just flow over with energy and aggression, although they are not played overly fast. Bands like Hypnotics or Secret Hate come to mind, if one wants to compare F to other, maybe slightly more known bands. But actually, I don’t find that rather unnecessary as F have a sound of their own, with a bit more of a raw edge to it (which partially results from the crude recording of this ep which clips here and there).
You may wanna check out F’s great contribution to the first Flipside Vinyl Fanzine. The Split LP with White Flag is so-so and that’s all the F that I have heard.

The stories around Fs antics are many: You may read Bob Suren’s piece in his excellent Florida Hardcore and Punk summary , Aesop’s insights are here for you to read or go on to KFTH (which also has the lyrics – my copy unfortunately is missing the two inserts). Some copies came with drawings on the cover, the band says 1500 were made (though, as Bob points out, numbers given differ). My guess would be 1000. Circa 200 of the pressing were destroyed during the record release party. Even the year of release is controversial, 1983 or 1984 (1984 seems to be more accurate). Repress (remastered) available, I heard – you may wanna google it up yourself.

In control.mp3
Spit it out.mp3
Citizen’s Arrest.mp3
Such Men are dangerous.mp3
My Country ’tis of thee.mp3

VENOM- Witching Hour Video Clip


First saw this on swiss national TV in 1982, when “Black Metal” was released. This was quite something back then, raw, evilistic and clearly a sign for new wicked things to come down our way.

Soundcard problems persisting. Things will get sorted soon, so stay tuned!

GHOST- Secular Haze Live in Linköping, Sweden, December 2012


Papa Emeritus & his friars in their 2nd incarnation.
Still – the most amazing band of our time! The rank sweetness, the maelstrom, the bottomless pit, that opens beneath your feet. May they take on the world. And end it.

KLEENEX- Hedi’s Head Video Clip


«Hedi is oh-so sad!»

MOTÖRHEAD- Live August 1980 [yes, broken soundcard still has not been replaced]


Awesome live (obviously not overdubbed) video from 1980. This was available on VHS back when I didn’t sport a grey beard as I do now.

Unfortunately, my soundcard is damaged, which keeps me from ripping new music for the blog. I hope to get a new one real soon. Be back soon, I promise.

STETZ- Songs of Experience LP (Russo Syndicate Records, USA, 1986)


How much I loved this LP when it came out – and I still know every song by heart, even though I don’t spin it as often as I used to!
Too bad STETZ never released anything else beside this, apart from songs on three LP comps («Hardcore Takes Over», «One big Crowd» and “New Jersey’s got it”) as well as a demo tape from 1984, which sounds considerably more Hardcore than the album.
It’s a shame that this LP was never repressed, not on vinyl nor on CD!

And that’s what makes “Songs of Experience” so damn great – its diversity. It has everything, from kinda grim Hardcore (“Suburban Nightmare” and some more moments on the hardcore-y a-side), to the prevalent catchy, quirky, funny, funky, play- and joyful and poppy sounds of your New Jersey College Punkers, telling you stories of beach parties, money miss-spent on tattoos, bondage, the ahs and ohs of love and whatnot. At first, I hardly ever played the calmer b-side (“side Bodacious”), but over the years I learned to appreciate it just as much as “side Aristophanes”.

On this day 11 years ago, on September 11 2001, STETZ’ drummer Wayne Russo was killed in the barbaric attack on the World Trade Center in NYC. «He was a sweetheart of a man. Very goofy, the type to quote Monty Python», Bruce Wingate (formerly of ADRENALIN O.D. etc.) remembers him.
This is a tribute to Wayne, one of the approximately three thousand victims who died on nine-eleven.

Download the entire «Songs of Experience» LP here (.zip archive; hold your mouse button and choose “save as”).


HERESY- Split LP with Reevsy singing (Toy’s Factory, Japan, 1990)


Not too long before HERESY embarked for their first Euro tour in 1986 (together with Concrete Sox – more here), they recorded 6 songs with their original guitarist & singer Reevsy (who also can be heard on the «Never Healed»Flexi). As you know, Reevsy was replaced by John on vocal duty on the tour and then became the permanent singer – and, quite frankly, ruined the band. Some people just have no singing voice and unfortunately, John not only couldn’t sing, he also tried to sound like that guy from Youth Of Today. A worse combination can hardly be thought of.

So before releasing the HERESY / CONCRETE SOX split LP, HERESY decided to re-recorded the vocals and the original version went straight to the vault.
A rather bad sounding cassette dub of a rough mix with Reevsy singing was circulating for many years. In 1990, this by now collectible CD for the first time issued the original version of the split LP songs (among the regular version and «Never Healed»), with Reevsy on vocals.
To my knowledge, it has never been re-released (correct me if I’m wrong), which would be a major mistake, as alongside the debut Flexi, these songs are the strongest moment of the recorded history of HERESY.

Visions of Fear.mp3
In Silence.mp3


Note: Files taken down.

NIKOTEENS- 1st 7″EP (selfproduced, Germany, 1981)


Formed in 1979, Germany’s NIKOTEENS released this 7″ on their own. The songs were originally intended to be included on the now legendary «Soundtracks zum Untergang» compilation album, but got rejected by label owner Karl Walterbach (who founded “Noise Rerords” out of the ashes of “Aggressive Rockproduktionen”, when Metal was the new thing and Punk in a general decline in 1983). Reason for the downturn was the song «Bomben über Russland» («Bombs over Russia»).

In 1983, the NIKOTEENS released «Aleah-Oehh», an LP with 19 songs. Unfortunately, the LP contains a number of pretty miserable “fun songs”. If only it had been edited a bit more carefully and the tracklist reduced to the thrash-songs. The following LP from 1986, «Hardcore Holocaust», suffered more or less the same bad editing, again showing great potential, but at the same time ruining it with some really shitty tracks and terrible lyrics.

So what you really have to look up on the internet, are the two tapes they released in between the albums: The legendary «Skateboard Tape» and a live in the rehearsal room recording, called «Hopfenland Tape» (you can easily google them up). Especially the first one is a scorcher and easily among the very fastest bands of the time (1984), with superb vocals, a great rough production and ripping songs.

500 copies were made of this (it was re-released a few years ago, with three bonus tracks – the three fastest songs off the first LP). I could have done without the “Kufsteinlied” and the lyrics …. well.
If this is your first introduction to the NIKOTEENS, do yourself a favor and see what else you can find by them!

Thanks to Tomasso for contribution!

The End.mp3
Bomben über Russland.mp3
Die Mauer.mp3
Kamikaze Heroe.mp3


PS 1: Looks like the label was supposed to be called “Kein Zurück Label”, as that’s what the hand-stamped innersleeve says.

PS 2: This is one of the greatest songs from the first LP (and not from the EP, as the description says):