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GHOST- Year Zero Video

26-Mar-13 Satan himself channeling Heisenberg – what more do we need?

VENOM- Witching Hour Video Clip


First saw this on swiss national TV in 1982, when “Black Metal” was released. This was quite something back then, raw, evilistic and clearly a sign for new wicked things to come down our way. Soundcard problems persisting. Things will get sorted soon, so stay tuned!

GHOST- Secular Haze Live in Linköping, Sweden, December 2012


Papa Emeritus & his friars in their 2nd incarnation. Still – the most amazing band of our time! The rank sweetness, the maelstrom, the bottomless pit, that opens beneath your feet. May they take on the world. And end it.

KLEENEX- Hedi’s Head Video Clip


«Hedi is oh-so sad!»

MOTÖRHEAD- Live August 1980 [yes, broken soundcard still has not been replaced]


Awesome live (obviously not overdubbed) video from 1980. This was available on VHS back when I didn’t sport a grey beard as I do now. Unfortunately, my soundcard is damaged, which keeps me from ripping new music for the blog. I hope to get a new one real soon. Be back soon, I promise.

TWISTED SISTER- «Under the Blade» Live at the Reading Festival 1982


I would have never thought I’d see this footage! TWISTED SISTER were at their hight in 1982, when “Under the Blade” was released. I had won it in a contest in 1982 in the german music magazine “Bravo” and couldn’t believe my ears. Dee Snyder would have been the only replacement for Bon Scott. What […]

SACRED BLADE- »The Alien« Live Footage from 1983


This is amazing! I always loved SACRED BLADE and especially the band’s highly energetic and extremely original song “The Alien” on the epochal »Metal Massacre IV« compilation album. There is something very fascinating about this track and it has always reminded me – I don’t know why – of ANGEL WITCH’s selftitled number. Maybe because […]

SOLDIER- Sheralee, c/w Force 7″ (Heavy Metal Records, UK, 1982)


“Sheralee” by Northampton’s SOLDIER has got to be one of greatest earworms of the NWOBHM. The chorus, the great voice of singer Gaz – and then the unexpected break in the middle of the song, weirdly turning the simple rocker into one serious Maiden-esque scorcher. The flipside, “Force” is noticeable too, a midtempo song with […]

He cometh. He prayeth. We followed.


NEGATIVE APPROACH- Live at public access TV 1983


As Bruce Wingate (formerly of ADRENALIN O.D.) just said, over at fecalbook: «Every time I hear Negative Approach I wanna’ drink a 40 and punch someone in the face.» PS: You can download the audio rip here. Thanks a million, WTT!!!!