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Record Store Day 2012


A true vinyl-junkie’s way of taking part in it: Bringing your favorite dealer some gingerbread.

Greetings from GHOST


Greetings from GHOST. Thanks to 138 from and the chief ghoul Pär Arvidsson for getting this for me and sending it in. Check it here:       PS: I had promised my soul to Pär if he would get me this. Here’s proof.

R.I.P. Seth Putnam (1968 – 2011)


I have no music of Seth I could post here and while I’m yet trying to pay some sort of tribute to the man, I will write more about myself than him, but that’s how it goes sometimes and I can’t change it. (This photo is from Seth’s facebook) In person, I met Seth only […]

BAADER MEINHOF- s/t 7″ (VC / Hut, UK, 1996)


You know, the music of the 90s more or less steered clear of me. This would be one of the few exceptions: Luke Haines’ short lived BAADER MEINHOF project. The album (containing another, one-sided 7″) and the 7″ here are simply fantastic. In a telephone interview you can find online, Haines says that the title […]

V/A TOOTH AND NAIL- Compilation LP (Upsetter Records, USA, 1979)


It’s incredible that this compilation has never been officially re-released in full (or then, I’m too stupid to google it). Not only does this feature some of the greatest music ever recorded, it’s also a landmark in the continental shift of music that changed it all. Immediately after the Punk explosion of 1976-77, the media […]

AVENGERS- s/t 7″EP (Dangerhouse Records, USA, 1977)


One of the most impressive, deepest and richest first wave U.S. Punk 7″. Menacing, aggressive, driven and melancholic. Although my favourite AVENGERS song is not on this one (that’s the incredible “Thin white Line”), the other fave of mine is. This is essential, just like everything the AVENGERS touched in their short lifetime. And yes, […]

V/A UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED- Compilation 7″EP (Modern Method Records, USA, 1982)


Although I don’t expect anybody has not heard this, it’s still mandatory to post. Accompaning the phenomenal, epochal, perfect THIS IS BOTSON NOT L.A. comp, although being sold seperatly, UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED collects the songs that didn’t make it onto the LP due to playing time restrictions. GANG GREEN start off with “Selfish”. Insert […]

VzR: They call him King (from: V/A Henry Kissinger War Criminal 7″ Comp)


Last week, I got a telephone call from my old friend Dave Phillips. He just said: “Guess who just turned up at my door!” I immediately knew, although I still asked, and a couple minutes later, I sat on my bicycle and tried to find my way through dozens of hookers. It was a flashy […]

RIGHTS OF THE ACCUSED- Innocence 7″EP (Little Farmer Records, USA, 1984)


This 5 tracker of Chicago’s RIGHTS OF THE ACCUSED is not a record, it’s a fucking vitamin pill and one day before the annual mayday riots here in Surrick, this might be the best I can post! Listen to the drum sound here – it will make you flip out, I guarantee. Especially the middle […]