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Category Archives: Towel around the Neck Metal

TYSONDOG- Eat the Rich 7″ (Neat Records, UK, 1983)


A few words before going on with the newest posting: After a very favorable (and pleasant) bit on this blog in the German «Jungle World» paper, «Good bad Music» with its admin got coverage in the second biggest swiss newspaper. For those of you interested, you may join the facebook group (see the left column): […]

V/A SCENE OF THE CRIME- Compilation LP (Suspect Records, UK, 1981)


I’ve been meaning to post this for a long, long time. SCENE OF THE CRIME is not only a superb collection of five of the NWOBHM smaller names, it also comes in one of my most beloved covers. A headbanger demonstrating why Metal fans often refer to the guitar as “axe”. Wonderful! And another example […]

CRUCIFIXION- The Fox, b/w Death Sentence 7″ (Miramar Records, UK, 1980)


CRUCIFIXION from Essex formed in 1979 in Essex and until the band’s goodbye in 1984, only managed to release two 7″ers, a 12″EP and a compilation appearance (on “60 Minutes Plus” Neat Cassette; not counting the postmortal ones). In a way, the jinx-fated recording career of CRUCIFIXION is prototypical for many of their fellows. After […]

BITCHES SIN- Always ready (for Love) 7″ (Neat Records, UK, 1981)


A perfect summer record and one classic NWOBHM scorcher! BITCHES SIN rode in on the first wave and apart from this 7″ reached their peak with the song “Strangers on the Shore” (on the mandatory “Heavy Metal Heroes” sampler). The fresh air was lost a bit on the subsequent releases, I think, but nevertheless these […]

WITCH CROSS- Are you there?, b/w No Angel 7″ (Jamara Records, Denmark, 1983)


A minor classic: Denmark’s WITCH CROSS with their vinyl debut. Maybe not the greatest music you ever heard, but regarding to my long absence from posting anything new on this blog, I felt that the song “Are you there” would be just appropriate. Frankly: I have a major crisis of motivation in keeping up this […]

DEMON- One helluva Night, b/w Into the Nightmare 7″ Picture Disc (Carrere & Clay Records, UK, 1981)


DEMON were the maybe phoniest NWOBHM group of them all and that’s why we should love them, cause contrary to the vehement belief of some intellectual backwoodsmen, everything but death is real (“The closer we believe the truth, the bigger the pain”, Hans Blumenberg said in one of his particularly clear moments somewhere in his […]

BLACK ROSE- No Point runnin’, b/w Sucker for your Love 7″ (Teesbeat Records, UK, 1982)


BLACK ROSE learned from Punk: The band’s selfproduced, scarce debut 7″ is done pretty cheaply, with a simple piece of paper glued onto the innersleeve. One of my most beloved 7″s from the genre, but not so much because of the a-side, which is good (“No Point runnin’”), but the phenomenal, super-catchy flipside, “Sucker for […]

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Thomas. And yes, the album is pathetic dung.

METAL MIRROR- Rock an’Roll ain’t never gonna leave us, c/w English Booze 7″ (M&M Records, UK, 1980)


Another record with an interesting spelling variation of the term Rock’n’Roll, but that’s not all that METAL MIRROR have to offer: Records with pictures of a pretty singer wearing a towel around his neck have got to be great and METAL MIRROR’s one and only life-time vinyl appearance makes no exception from that ancient rule. […]

MYTHRA- The Death & Destiny EP (Guardian / Street Beat, UK, 1979 / 1980)


A local NWOBHM band of some weight was MYTHRA. Even in Heidiland, they were taken notice of, most likely due to coverage in NME and Kerrang and maybe the formidable cover artwork played a role too.MYTHRA is one of the “big” groups in the “minor” league, and as they stated in an interview, they really […]