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Category Archives: The Arts

FEAR OF GOD- Live at Fri-Son, Fribourg, 1/10/1988 Video


Out of the blue, a video of my old band FEAR OF GOD’s second last show surfaces. I didn’t know this existed until recently and now, I’m watching it the first time myself. What can I say. The soundboard recording of this show was released on the “As Statues Fell” Mini-LP and I always felt […]

YOU WEREN’T THERE. A HISTORY OF CHICAGO PUNK 1977-1984 (Documentary & Soundtrack LP)


Is Punk dead? Of course it is – and for good it is. Imagine this: Cultural and social phenomena would last forever. Groups of old men would gather while other even older men would stand on stage, playing songs from I-don’t-know-when while the other old men would stand there, holding their beers and with a […]

GASTUNK- To Fans 7″EP (Sex69, Japan, 1986)


What a bizarre blend of Metal, Hardrock (KISS!), Folk and Punk. GASTUNK from Japan enjoy some sort of cult status and I can really understand why. There simply ain’t no band with a similar sound around. The “Deadsong” Lp was a bit too much for me, but this collectible 7″ is great. And the packaging […]

Short Intermission: The Arts


Enjoy this. It’s art!