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THE WARDS- Armed to the Teeth Tape (Medical Records, USA, 1985)


And here it finally surfaces, the first demo tape by THE WARDS. Find more material by this totally underrated band here and here. This rip was provided by Dave from Rocket Science, who received it from one of his regular visitors. Here’s what this friendly spirit writes: «ripped by Blood Elf . Found this at […]

SATAN- Into the Fire Demo Tape (selfproduced, UK, 1982)


After some compilation appearance and of course the super great 7″ (“Kiss of Death”, b/w “Heads will roll”), Tyneside’s SATAN decided to fire the original singer Trev Robinson and replaced him with Ian Swift in order to record a demo of newer material. “Into the Fire” was designed to draw attention from bigger labels and […]

SIREN- Iron Coffins Demo Tape (selfproduced, USA, 1985)


Some bands are just better than others. Whatever it is – musicianship, talent, power, a good hand at composing – some bands will forever have something that others don’t. SIREN from Brandon / Florida was one of these bands. If memory serves, I first heard about them from Thomas Schumacher, editor of one of the […]

HELLWITCH- Transgressive Sentience Demo Cassette (selfproduced, USA, 1986)


HELLWITCH from Gainesville / Florida were one of the most original of the early Death Metal bands. Quite technical, fast (especially on the 1990 CD-album that followed this demo). There’s something really morbid about this band’s sound. On “Transgressive Sentience”, the band showed a remarkable progress compared to the somewhat more generic first demo tape […]

JERRY’S KIDS- Live in Boston, May Day 1983


Fucking hell – on this live tape, JERRY’S KIDS are so incredibly tight, it sounds as if somebody had simply put on the “Is this my World” LP and blasts it off over the P.A. Relentless, extremely aggressive and fast, this is my personal fave of the four JERRY’S KIDS live tapes I have in […]

HIRAX- Demo Tape (selfproduced, USA, 1984)


Before HIRAX were one serious motherfucker of a Thrash Metal band that more and and more stretched out into Hardcore-crossover territories, they released one of the best non-british NWOBHM recordings: This four track demo tape from 1984! I had ordered this after I read about it in one of the underground magazines. The name HIRAX […]

TOXOPLASMA- s/t Demo Tape (selfproduced, Germany, 1981)


That’s the great thing about this blog: Sometimes people support it and its idea by providing freesource material. Early this week, I had a box full of original demo tapes in the mail. Thanks a bunch Joachim! Here’s the first demo tape by Germany’s TOXOPLASMA who were one of the most popular of the 2nd […]

DISGUST- Trash back! Demo Tape (SFP-Tapes, Holland, 1985)


DISGUST from Holland had released a demo tape prior to this and it never impressed me too much. But as soon as I found the 2nd demo in the mail, I was blown away, and upon playing it again recently, I was still very impressed. Very desperate sounding hectic and brutal Hardcore, much in the […]

NASTY SAVAGE- Wage of Mayhem Demo Tape (self-released, USA, 1984)


It’s been some time since the last Metal post. NASTY SAVAGE released this demo in 1984 and immediate fame followed with it. Fanzines from all over the pre-internet world reviewed it enthusiastically and so I took my chance and ordered a copy. Nasty Ronnie, who was anything but nasty, sent me the tape along with […]

PSYCHO- 1984 Demo (unreleased, USA, 1984)


Not the PSYCHO with the great 12″ and the not so great 7″, but the infamous PSYCHO with Billy Milano, the professional redneck from S.O.D. on microphone. What’s kinda confusing is that the tape has the band name spelled PSYCHO and not PSYCHOS and I couldn’t find a thing about this in the net. The […]