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RE-UP: In memoriam Jeff Hanneman (1964-2013): SLAYER- Instrumental rehearsal session for “Hell awaits” (1985)


As I keep getting a lot of requests for this one and it since has not surfaced on other blogs, I make this outstanding recording available again for a limited time!   Expired. Please, after downloading, consider a donation (see donation-button on the left side). This blog is non-profit and ad-free, but its maintenance and […]

Squirt, The: s/t Cassette Album (selfproduced, Switzerland, 1983)


First off – My goodbadmusic-sabbatical is over! I’ve been quite busy with some private stuff which has basically occupied me full time throughout the year. So let’s kick off with two things here. An immensely great demo tape you haven’t heard before and with the annual donation round, which is open now (see the Donate-Button […]

KOTSEN- Attack of the savage Horde Demotape (Reykjaviken Riot Rekorden, Switzerland, 1985)


Sorry for not posting anything sooner, but things have been very hectic here at GBM’s world headquarters with numerous projects, orgies and debauchery, but here we go again with a very special treat. I would like to dedicate this post to our friend Behjan Mirhadi, who died December 8 2010. May he be remembered. What […]

BAMBIS- Play Ramones Cassette (Off Course Records, Switzerland, 1981)


The early Punk scene in Switzerland was not very productive, but what it produced was and is of an often astounding quality. Over the past years, I’ve been trying my best to give these mostly hard to find records some attention. When recently I got in touch with Rolf Brunner, I first didn’t know what […]

CORONER- Death Cult Demo Tape (Rip Records, Switzerland, 1985)


Switzerland’s contribution to the world of Rock’n’Roll could hardly be meeker than it is. One of the few exceptions however is CORONER, a band from Zürich and one that I unfortunately overlooked back in the days. “Death Cult” was released when Thrash Metal was the big thing, with groups like Anthrax, Overkill, Nuclear Assault or […]

WEHRMACHT- Thrash Metal Tape (SM Tapes, Switzerland, 1986)


Prior to the «Beermacht» demo, Portland’s WEHRMACHT released this cassette through the swiss SM-cassette label of Röbi Zollinger (founder of the legendary «Speed Airplay» radio show). To my knowledge, this was the first ever official WEHRMACHT release. Quite funny actually, when you look back, how dedicated the handful of swiss scene activists were in pushing […]

NYX NEGATIV- Punk Cassette (selfproduced, Sweden, 1983)


I know that KBD-Peter will hate this and he probably won’t have anything nice to say about the band. He may be right with whatever he has to say about the Swedish Hardcore Punk scene of the 80s (definitely the scene with funniest hairdos!), but still this tape is lovely. Such great power and still […]

Mystery Band IV: THE ENERJETICS- [almost] 1983 Demo (New Jersey, USA)


ENERJETICS from New Jersey – Finally a new Mystery Band! It’s always a great pleasure when a demo of a to me unknown Hardcore band from the golden era surfaces. And even greater the pleasure is, when the demo is of such quality. Please go over to Dave’s excellent Rocket Science blog and listen to […]

POISON IDEA- Plastic Bomb, b/w We got the Beat Advance Cassingle (selfproduced, USA, 1989)


So this was the first version of what was re-released twice later on. First off as a bootleg 7″, then as part of a double 7″ set and also on the b-side of the band’s SubPop 7″. Not much left to say as I’m posting this mainly for documentation. Two songs, one a great cover […]

HELLHOUND- Submit or die Demo Tape (selfproduced, USA, 1985)


HELLHOUND were (and are) the unsung heroes of the Bay Area Metal scene. The band was formed in 1981 and apart from this demo had never released anything officially during the groups first life span. Why is that? The six songs on this cassette are all highly memorable and show competent song writing, combined with […]