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Category Archives: Speed Air Play

WEHRMACHT- Thrash Metal Tape (SM Tapes, Switzerland, 1986)


Prior to the «Beermacht» demo, Portland’s WEHRMACHT released this cassette through the swiss SM-cassette label of Röbi Zollinger (founder of the legendary «Speed Airplay» radio show). To my knowledge, this was the first ever official WEHRMACHT release. Quite funny actually, when you look back, how dedicated the handful of swiss scene activists were in pushing […]

Radio Show: SPEED-AIR-PLAY- Christmas Special Ultra Noise (Switzerland, 1986)


Forgive me for getting a bit personal here and for the banter (in bad english) in general. Joe’s tape inspired me – blame him! I first met the guys from SPEED AIR PLAY in 1985. They were the first “real” Hardcore guys in Switzerland that I got to know and by “real” I mean of […]