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Category Archives: Quasi-religious moments in music

ANGEL WITCH- Loser 7″EP (Bronze Records, UK, 1981)


The band against which the whole music business had conspired: ANGEL WITCH never got the recognition they deserved. Maybe it was Bronze Records’ poor distribution, as the s/t LP was a collector’s item in the early 80s already, at least outside of the UK. Yet the album is perfect in every aspect and delivers nothing […]

SIEGE- Live in Stamford, January 26 1985: RIP Kevin Mahoney


And the sad news just won’t stop: Kevin Mahoney, former singer of SIEGE, died last week, very unexpectedly. Condolences to all his family and friends. Henry F Clark [aka Hank McNamee], former SIEGE bassist, has the following short statement for the readers of Goodbadmusic: “Kev was truly a great friend. His voice was as integral […]

NIHILISTICS- selftitled LP (Braineater Records, USA, 1983)


This post is in honor of Big Daddy Mike, former bassist of the NIHILISTICS. He’s currently in a coma and apparently terminally ill, but he’s still hanging in. I also would like to send my respect to Ron Rancid, who’s a helluva guy. Without a doubt one of the the greatest moments in the history […]

BAADER MEINHOF- s/t 7″ (VC / Hut, UK, 1996)


You know, the music of the 90s more or less steered clear of me. This would be one of the few exceptions: Luke Haines’ short lived BAADER MEINHOF project. The album (containing another, one-sided 7″) and the 7″ here are simply fantastic. In a telephone interview you can find online, Haines says that the title […]

C.I.A.- God, Guts, Guns 7″EP (Shmegma Records, USA, 1983)


Day 5 This time, there won’t be so much to say. That might be different, had this band included more Boyscoutness in their act, but they didn’t. Or if the LP following the EP would have been the same, but it wasn’t. What C.I.A. deliver on “God, Guts, Guns” is of such sheer brilliance that […]

NEGATIVE APPROACH- s/t 7″EP (Touch & Go Records, USA, 1982)


Day 4. (I’m not sure what Touch & Go’s actual policy on blogs using their music is [they used to be very restrictive], so it wouldn’t surprise me if the links had to be taken down quickly. As much as I would understand that, as much I hope that it’s clear that I’m doing what […]

POISON IDEA- Pick your King 7″EP (Fatal Erection Records, USA, 1983)


Day 2: Niels called the debut of POISON IDEA a Hardcore opera: All the songs almost seamlessly go one into another. Impossible to change the order. I’m afraid that’s all I can say about this EP. It’s perfect. This is the first pressing on clear vinyl, complete with both inserts. 1000 made, but hard to […]

THE DILS- 198 Seconds of 7″ (Dangerhouse Records, USA, 1977)


The guys over at KBD Records recently had the nice idea of posting 5 records in 5 days. Whilst their concept was to post five records from 5 different countries, I decided to go with five records from the homeland of Hardcore and five records that somehow never got posted here until now (mostly because […]

RIOT- Outlaw, c/w Rock city (live) 7″ (Elektra, USA, 1981)


Listen, I know what you’re thinking. “What the hell is this?! This 7″ never had this sleeve!” And you’re totally right being surprised. So was I when I found me a promotional copy of RIOT‘s “Fire down under” LP, bearing a sticker which said that this would include the bonus 7″. I can only speak […]

X-RAY SPEX- Identity 7″ (EEEMMMIIIII, UK, 1978)


On April 25 2011, Poly Styrene (born Marianne Joan Elliott-Said) died of breast cancer. She was the singer of X-RAY SPEX, a first generation Punk band from London. My love for X-RAY SPEX’ «Germfree Adolescents» album (released in 1978) is of the most intense nature. The combination of razor sharp guitars, an even razor sharper […]