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Category Archives: Putative Metal

SPEED- Down the Road, b/w Man in the Street 7″ (Speed Records, UK, 1980)


Another scorcher from the NWOBHM. Before the glorious days of internet, SPEED were one of the most obscure outfits you could think of, with this 7″ being so incredibly hard to find, not even the singer knew of its existence. And the singer was, as you most likely will know, Bruce Dickinson, formerly highly entertaining […]

MANOWAR- Defender 12″ (Music for Nations, UK, 1984)


My heart beats like a machine gun fired by a spaz: This is the most courageous of posts! It takes a heart of steel and blood of fire to speak out the truth. The first four MANOWAR albums, the first demo and this 12″ are godlike. Immortals (immorals?) of Metal! Yes, this is actually Orson […]

SSD- How we rock MiniLP (Modern Method Records, USA, 1984)


The debate is on! “If this is Metal, Deep Purple is Punk!” (Lao Tse, «Tao te king») How we rock Intro.mp3 / How we rock.mp3 Words that kill.mp3 The Choice.mp3 On the Road.mp3 What it takes.mp3 [<– one of the Admin’s fave tracks EVER!] What if I.mp3