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Category Archives: Punk; Low-Fi

SPERMA- Züri Punx, c/w Sinnlos 7″ (Another Swiss Label, Switzerland, 1980)


Time for some Mongo Rock! SPERMA were one of the best known Punk bands from Zürich, the biggest city of Switzerland. As the majority of its contemporaries, SPERMA articulated a big deal of discontent with living here. In fact, looking back, it’s quite drastic how the whole socio-political climate has changed over the past 30 […]

URINALS- s/t 7″EP (Happy Squid Records, USA, 1978)


I just compared the sound of this original 7″ to the version on the URINALS discography CD on Amphetamine Reptile. I don’t know the reasons why and how and why not and all – but the sound of the vinyl is definitely better, warmer, richer, fuller, whatthefucker. We’ve had the 3rd URINALS 7″ (“Sex”) and […]

V/A KILLED BY DEATH- Vol. 13 LP (“Redrum”, USA, ca. 1995)


This is the most elusive of all the KBD comps. Not only does this one pop up rarely, it’s also one of the best of the series, with its crazy compilation of Californian Tape-only releases from between 1978 and 1983. So what you get here are great songs by SNOT PUPPIES, THE BLOWDRIVERS, CASTRATION SQUAD, […]

KILLERPRALINEN- S/T 12"EP (AGR, Germany, 1982)


A while back, I’ve posted Middle Class Fantasies monstrous 7″ from 1981, one of the most disturbing records I can think of. KILLERPRALINEN was the follow-up band. I don’t know shit about KILLERPRALINEN other than this was the bands only ever release (bootleged on “Die Deutschen kommen zurück” Comp LP from 1998). Musically, the band […]

V/A UTREG PUNX- Compilation 7"EP (Rock Against, Holland, 1980)


Here’s the first (?) dutch punk and (proto-) hc 7″ comp, UTREG PUNX. What can I say? A little gem, primitive and hard hitting hits only, in my humble opinion. Especially the manic NOXIOUS do it to me with the over the top vocals and an overall intensity that reminds heavily on italian bands of […]

THE HUGH BEAUMONT EXPERIENCE- The Cone Johnson E.P. 7" (Cygnus Records, USA, 1981)


Ever since I first heard HUGH BEAUMONT EXPERIENCE on the “Cottage Cheese from the Lips of Death” compilation LP and heard of their impossibly rare 7″, I was looking for the gemm. Living in the Kingdom of Sweden, a couple of thousand miles away from where “it” happened (here, you must whisper, in true Really […]

THE STAINS- s/t 7"EP (Gutterworst Records, USA, 1980)


Hailing from New England (Maine), this was another band called THE STAINS. They released this very rare 7″ in 1980 before disbanding in 1983. LAte in the 80s, a posthumous LP was issued – and other than that, I don’t know nothing about THE STAINS. There’s a wikipedia page which says the band was often […]

NEO PUNKZ- s/t 7"EP (Neo Records, Holland, 1980)


The rarest in dutch Punk and HC (yet not quite the best – that’s BGK and GEPOPEL), this is Holland’s NEO PUNKZ (nearly) one-and-only release. Fuck, the songs on this 7″ are so extremely great that I nearly faint when playing it. Have you heard the geetar solos? Can you believe it?? The band became […]

ART- The only Record in the World 7"EP (selfproduced, USA, 1980)


“One must make sacrifices for ART”, it says on the backcover – and yes, this is art, ART, ARRRTTTTT. And what is Punk? Punk is playing against your audience – and this is ART! Fuck yeah!! On the b-side of this slab, you’ll find two songs mixed onto one channel. On the left, you’ll hear […]

URINALS- Sex 7" (Happy Squid Records, USA, 1980)


Due to popular request, here’s some more of the URINALS! I first heard of the band as “proto-Hardcore”. That was long ago and it wasn’t until a british double-7″ bootleg containing all three URINALS 7″ came out, before I finally heard their music. Not one second was I disappointed, because URINALS may have been many […]