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Category Archives: Post-Punk

CHAOS Z- Abmarsch 7″EP (Mülleimer, Germany, 1981)


I struggled long and hard before the vast majority of German Hardcore Punk started to speak to me. Some of the worst jocks I met in my life had Mohawks, a beer bottle glued to their one hand, the other hand in the air and on the back of the leather jacket-uniform, you could see […]

REALLY RED- Despise Moral Majority 7″EP (CIA Records, USA, 1980)


Killed by Death Records and Good Bad Music had done a REALLY RED split post before and when we discussed our next shared effort in honor of this impossible-to-overrate band from Texas, we got a bit in an argument over who would post what. Well, since Peter doesn’t house the live 7″ I had to […]

MANOWAR- Defender 12″ (Music for Nations, UK, 1984)


My heart beats like a machine gun fired by a spaz: This is the most courageous of posts! It takes a heart of steel and blood of fire to speak out the truth. The first four MANOWAR albums, the first demo and this 12″ are godlike. Immortals (immorals?) of Metal! Yes, this is actually Orson […]

RUDIMENTARY PENI- No more Pain 12″EP (Southern Records, UK, 2008)


Finally, the wait is over. RUDIMENTARY PENI, quickly approaching towards the band’s 30st anniversary, finally unleash “No more Pain”. As you know, this is the band’s third phase, so to speak. From the first selftitled EP to “Death Church”, from “Cacaphony” to “Pope Adrian 37th” and from “Echoes of Anguish” until “No more Pain”, the […]

DEADBEATS- Kill the Hippies 7″EP (Dangerhouse Records, USA, 1978)


Let’s play around with that figure of the “simultaneity of the non-simultaneous” a tad more. Not long after THE DESPERATE BICYCLES had released their first two 7″ers, a band from L.A. released theirs. Same phenomenon here, although this time, the main time line reaches into the future rather than in the past. The DEADBEATS just […]

THE DESPERATE BICYCLES- The Medium was Tedium, b/w Don’t back the Front 7″ (Refill Records, UK, 1977)


I love it when a record messes up chronology. The philosopher Ernst Bloch coined the figure of the “simultaneity of the non-simultaneous” and meant the strange phenomenon of a Modernity in which different historical concepts, both old and new, overlay, like a strong moment of inertia, resulting in a weird “unmodern Modernity”. Well, this is […]

HÃœSKER DÃœ- Amusement 7″ (Reflex Records, USA, 1980)


One of the mightiest trios in music – Grant Hart, Greg Norton and Bob Mould’s HÃœSKER DÃœ were one of the bands that you just couldn’t ignore in the 80s and probably one of the most influental rock bands ever. Who wouldn’t remember the endless debates over “New Day Rising” («Is this still Punk????») or […]

THE MAD- The 1978 EP 12″ (Brain Transplant, USA, 1999)


This 12″ containing THE MAD’s 1978 demo tape was released in a very limited edition a couple years ago (a 7″ with additional material was released simultaneously). Both came out on Roger Mah’s “Brain Transplant” label. If you wanna find out more about the band, check this blog or go over to Peter’s KBD site, […]

BIG BOYS & THE DICKS- Recorded Live At Raul’s Club Split LP (Rat Race Records, USA, 1980)


It’s simply not possible for me to express how much I love both bands, THE DICKS and the BIG BOYS. They both stand for what I always loved about Punk they way I understood it: Highly individualistic, innovative, clever and passionate music from and for free thinking folks. While THE DICKS, the band-version of a […]

FEAR OF GOD- Live at Fri-Son, Fribourg (Switzerland) September 1 1988


The second last gig of my band FEAR OF GOD took place in the french speaking part of Switzerland. We shared the bill with Caspar Brötzmann, a jazz avantgardist. I barely remember anything from that show. It was a pretty big place, a lot of people, it had a lightshow and a professional mixer. The […]