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Category Archives: Post-Punk

SCREAMING SNEAKERS- Marching Orders 12″ EP (Screaming Sneakers Records, USA, 1982)


I can’t say how I excited I was when not too long ago I heard the song “Violent Days” by a – to me – totally unknown band for the first time. SCREAMING SNEAKERS – it would sound like some sort of a comedy punk band, but as it soon showed, they were not. Hailing […]

KLEENEX- Hedi’s Head Video Clip


«Hedi is oh-so sad!»

THE URINALS- Another EP 7″EP (selfproduced, USA, 1979)


Do you know what really pisses me off? When people call THE URINALS‘s music “minimalistic”. How is this “minimalistic”, dipshit?! There’s nothing “minimalistic” about THE URINALS, in fact, they’re as musical as any opera I ever heard or any stick-it-up-your-ass-jazz or whatever you might think of as being bad-ass “music”. THE URINALS had it all. […]

INSTIGATORS- The Blood is on your Hands 7″EP (Bluurg Records, UK, 1984)


Huddersfield’s INSTIGATORS were one of the bands I loved right from the first note on. I first heard them on the «Cleanse the Bacteria» sampler and although Thrash was the thing for me in these days, I liked the INSTIGATORS songs very much. I ordered this EP and the first LP and couldn’t believe my […]

MINUTEMEN- Joy 7″EP (New Alliance Records, USA, 1981)


The 2nd release by MINUTEMEN is entitled joy and that pretty much sums up everything. It’s joyful, a bit lighter and more accessible than “Paranoid Time”,the band’s first EP. More MINUTEMEN here and here. Today would have been the 52. birthday of D. Boon, the band’s much too early deceased guitarist. Three songs in three […]

ASSASSINS- Assassination 7″ (Greasy Pop Records, Australia, 1983)


Repost from August 1st 2006. Re-ripped and b-side added. Enjoy this totally underappreciated pearl. More political violence, this time coming from Orstralia’s best kept secret. Imagine a cross between THE NORMALS & T.S.O.L. – THE ASSASSIN’s just rip shit up!!!! I have no clue whether this has also been hyped to death, posted into nothingness […]

EMPTY RITUALS- Dressed to kill, b/w Hardcore 7″ (Mental Assault Records, USA, 1984)


After the last posting, there were two records of which I thought could come next. The 12″ EP by END RESULT from Chiago for obvious reasons – or this one, for even more obvious ones. I don’t know nothing about EMPTY RITUALS other than this was the band’s only vinyl appearance. Musically, we have a […]

V/A PAERE PUNK- Compilation LP (Kong Paere, Denmark, 1979)


“Paere Punk er het stykke historie” – yeah, fucking well said. This formidable piece of hard plastic has never been reissued and that, lads & lassies, is a crying shame. Some Punk Grandezza here, even though the super hits are maybe missing. LOST KIDS deliver one nice DEVO tribute, by making “Mongolid” an “Asocial”. The […]

KLEENEX- You, b/w Ãœ 7″ (Rough Trade, UK, 1979)


If I remember correctly from “Lipstick Traces on a Cigarette”, Greil Marcus drew a line from the performances in the legendary «Cabaret Voltaire» (located in Zurich and being visited by me tonight) to the swiss übergirl band KLEENEX. Well, this put aside, 60 years after the short, loud explosion of Dada, KLEENEX indeed played in […]

DEEP SIX- Ghostride 7″EP (Ici, USA, 1981)


Been very busy with working on the book and picking up work on the dissertation as well, so I’m feeling a bit burnt out and tired. Sorry for slowing things down a little with the blog. Speaking of slowing things down: I don’t know why the cover thumbs are so heavy and taking so much […]