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Category Archives: Post-Hardcore

EMPTY RITUALS- Dressed to kill, b/w Hardcore 7″ (Mental Assault Records, USA, 1984)


After the last posting, there were two records of which I thought could come next. The 12″ EP by END RESULT from Chiago for obvious reasons – or this one, for even more obvious ones. I don’t know nothing about EMPTY RITUALS other than this was the band’s only vinyl appearance. Musically, we have a […]

HELMET- Born annoying, b/w Rumble 7″ (Amphetamine Reptile Records, USA, 1989)


Putting the record straight: As some may have seen, a little controversy had arisen in the past few weeks. Nothing serious and nothing too important, just the usual squabbling that is oh-so common in certain subcultures. Some guy asked me to exchange links. I lookd at his blog and didn’t like it. First off, I […]

ABC DIABOLO- s/t 7″EP (Off The Disk Records, Switzerland, 1992)


A BAND CALLED DIABOLO. This is one of the latter Off The Disk releases in which I wasn’t really involved. I think Thomas was or is close to the band’s singer Andreas. To be honest, I never cared too much about this EP, but when I recently put it on after years and years, I […]

RUDIMENTARY PENI- No more Pain 12″EP (Southern Records, UK, 2008)


Finally, the wait is over. RUDIMENTARY PENI, quickly approaching towards the band’s 30st anniversary, finally unleash “No more Pain”. As you know, this is the band’s third phase, so to speak. From the first selftitled EP to “Death Church”, from “Cacaphony” to “Pope Adrian 37th” and from “Echoes of Anguish” until “No more Pain”, the […]

Dave Phillips- The Hermeneutics of Fear Of God LP (Absurd Records, Brazil, 2008)


Finally, Dave Phillips‘ “The Hermeneutics of Fear Of God” is available again! What can I say? Of all the “extreme” music I heard in my life, from poststructural noise to Grindcore, from Death Metal to Hardcore Thrash, this has got got to be the most vicious, aggressive and torturing record that I know. Dave obsessively […]

SOLID DECLINE / RUIDOSE INMUNDICIA- Split LP (Thought Crime Records, Germany, 2008)


And we go with the first promotional record I received. Berlin’s “Thought Crime Records” was founded in 1995 Jens (of the german thrash kings PINK FLAMINGOS) and Thomas (now in SOLID DECLINE). After Jens quit the label, Thomas continued the work and this is the first of the new label releases that I hear. And […]

RUPTURE MEET THE SCROUNGERS- Split 7″EP (Yeah Mate Records, Australia, 1992)


Today, on my way home, I thought to myself: “You ought to post a decent Punk record today, you just have to do it!” When I was home, I stood in front of my records, torturing myself. “Punk, c’mon, you have some Punk records, I can’t be that hard!” I ended up playing DK’s “Give […]

ASEXUALS- s/t 7″EP (OG Music, Canada, 1984)


It’s been a while since we’ve had a band from Canada, so here’s the ASEXUALS first 7″. Released shortly before the band’s much acclaimed (well, I acclaimed it muchy muchy) “Be what you want” LP, which was followed by the kinda corny and over-ambitious “Contemporary World” LP. The band then morphed into the DOUGHBOYS and […]

BRAILLE PARTY- Welcome to Maryland LP (Fountain of Youth, USA, 1984)


… and then there are bands who would just leave you wondering, how the fuck they managed to pass through the music circus unnoticed. BRAILLE PARTY from Maryland had a couple of tracks on two comps (“Bouncing Babies” and Flispside Vol. 2″) and this LP and that was it. Never-heard-of-agains of the finest sort, although […]

I REFUSE IT!- S/T 7"EP (Toto Alle Prese Dischi, Italy, 1984)


Think of Geza X done the italian way – this is I REFUSE IT!. Crazy, out in space mayhem with plenty of brutal power and a good dose of hooks. One of the most criminally overlooked bands from Italy, for sure! Fuck, this needs a proper reissue!! The cheapish clear vinyl plays a bit noisy. […]