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Category Archives: Post-Hardcore

ANGST- s/t 12″EP (Happy Squid Records, USA, 1983)


ANGST were formed in Colorado in 1978, moved to London in 1979 and relocated to San Francisco in 1980. In 1983 they released their debut, this selftitled 12″, which was followed by four albums, all on SST (also, in 1985 this EP was rereleased by SST). The first one, “Lite Life” and especially the 2nd […]

THE URINALS- Another EP 7″EP (selfproduced, USA, 1979)


Do you know what really pisses me off? When people call THE URINALS‘s music “minimalistic”. How is this “minimalistic”, dipshit?! There’s nothing “minimalistic” about THE URINALS, in fact, they’re as musical as any opera I ever heard or any stick-it-up-your-ass-jazz or whatever you might think of as being bad-ass “music”. THE URINALS had it all. […]

CITIZEN’S ARREST- A Light in the Darkness 7″EP (Wardance Records, USA, 1990)


INFEST had hit the Hardcore planet like a huge fucking meteor and CITIZEN’S ARREST rode on top of the first tidal wave that rolled across the vast land. When INFEST were clearly rooted in the early 1980s Hardcore movement, including all the nihilism and crude aggression, CITIZEN’S ARREST were a child of the 90s. The […]

WEHRMACHT- Thrash Metal Tape (SM Tapes, Switzerland, 1986)


Prior to the «Beermacht» demo, Portland’s WEHRMACHT released this cassette through the swiss SM-cassette label of Röbi Zollinger (founder of the legendary «Speed Airplay» radio show). To my knowledge, this was the first ever official WEHRMACHT release. Quite funny actually, when you look back, how dedicated the handful of swiss scene activists were in pushing […]

TAR BABIES- Face the Music 12″EP (Bone Air Records, USA, 1983)


I didn’t expect comments like some of those I received (I deleted the worst of ’em) in the last entry (POWERAGE). Frankly, I had no idea we have such idiots here. Not that I’m a p.c. kind of guy: I love it when opinions clash and there’s nothing wrong when it gets a bit rough […]

POISON IDEA- Plastic Bomb, b/w We got the Beat Advance Cassingle (selfproduced, USA, 1989)


So this was the first version of what was re-released twice later on. First off as a bootleg 7″, then as part of a double 7″ set and also on the b-side of the band’s SubPop 7″. Not much left to say as I’m posting this mainly for documentation. Two songs, one a great cover […]

POISON IDEA- Getting the Fear 12″ (Rockport Records, USA, 1988)


Originally a beautiful cassette release (one of the only Poison Idea releases I’m still missing, by the way – get in touch if you need some cash!), this twelver pretty much marked the point when I decided not to follow POISON IDEA any longer. Nobody knew that with the incredible “Feel the Darkness” album, released […]

MINUTEMEN- Joy 7″EP (New Alliance Records, USA, 1981)


The 2nd release by MINUTEMEN is entitled joy and that pretty much sums up everything. It’s joyful, a bit lighter and more accessible than “Paranoid Time”,the band’s first EP. More MINUTEMEN here and here. Today would have been the 52. birthday of D. Boon, the band’s much too early deceased guitarist. Three songs in three […]

THE PROLETARIAT- Marketplace 7″ (Homestead Records, USA, 1985)


“Use photography as weapon”, said the famous agitprop artist John Heartfield in the late 1920s. “Use rhythm as weapon” could be the motto of Boston’s legendary THE PROLETARIAT. The incredible songs on the “This is Boston not L.A.” sampler already pulsated in an almost post-punkish way, though still heavily on the punkier side of things, […]

SACCHARINE TRUST- A Christmas Cry 7″ (SST Records, USA, 1982)


This is as much christmas as you’ll ever get from me. SACCHARINE TRUST were one of the most intense bands of all time and the one who brought me to blogging in the first place (with “Paganicons”, on .blogspot still). One totally fucked up and übergreat tune on the first side (also featured on the […]