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Podcast 4: My Hardcore


I was in the mood for a podcast today. At first, I was flirting with the idea of making a thematic one, then a programmatic one before realizing that this would mean too much work (and I’m tired) and the result would be questionable anyway. With the possibilities of the internet, the vast knowledge and […]

Podcast: SPIN RADIO UNDERGROUND: FEAR Live & Cover Versions Special (Spin / Enigma, USA, 1985)


In the mid 80s, SPIN MAGAZINE produced a series of radio promo double lps, every one of them featuring one main artist with a live concert, plus a full radio broadcast. To my knowledge, there are at least four of these double albums around, one with CIRCLE JERKS, one with MINUTEMEN, one with JESUS & […]

Podcast 2: REANIMATED BY LIFE – 34 Punkblasts!


I made this compilation about 10 years or so ago for my car. In fact, I don’t have a car and I don’t even have a driver’s license. Well. Download the whole thing as one large zip.file (79.9 MB) and drive safely or else. I had to encode this with 128 kb/s to make it […]



Some fellow bloggers (from the honorable Something I learned today and Last Days of Man blogs) recently had their first Podcasts and I enjoyed them quite a bit. So here’s mine. BEHOLD THE SECRET OF STEEL features what I felt like ripping from my Metal collection. I didn’t follow a concept really, I tried to […]