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CRUDE S.S.- Who’ll survive 7″EP (Uproar Records, Sweden, 198somewhen)


Okay, Peter had three posts in a row today and I shall have two. All fuck ups that might appear in here are due to a bottle of fine white Bordeau I just had, so don’t blame me! “Under your influence, wrong goes right!” Peter hates CRUDE S.S. and as funny as it might sound […]

ANTI-CIMEX- Raped Ass 7″EP (A-Records, Sweden, 1983)


There are two reasons for me to post the follow-up to «Anarkist Attack» by ANTI-CIMEX. One would be the incredible and intolerable objections articulated by certain commentators against this most wonderful band. Another would be that I feel really crusty at the moment (sweaty, dumb and as empty as the beer bottles in my kitchen). […]

FEAR OF GOD- Live at Fri-Son, Fribourg (Switzerland) September 1 1988


The second last gig of my band FEAR OF GOD took place in the french speaking part of Switzerland. We shared the bill with Caspar Brötzmann, a jazz avantgardist. I barely remember anything from that show. It was a pretty big place, a lot of people, it had a lightshow and a professional mixer. The […]

V/A Rodney on the ROQ- Compilation LP (Posh Boy, USA, 1980)


Why is it that records such as this first of three volumes of RODNEY ON THE ROQ have never been re-released (except for two best of volumes, one on vinyl in the UK, one on CD)? I mean, c’mon – hit after hit, from alpha to omega. Take this version of one of the very […]

BRAILLE PARTY- Welcome to Maryland LP (Fountain of Youth, USA, 1984)


… and then there are bands who would just leave you wondering, how the fuck they managed to pass through the music circus unnoticed. BRAILLE PARTY from Maryland had a couple of tracks on two comps (“Bouncing Babies” and Flispside Vol. 2″) and this LP and that was it. Never-heard-of-agains of the finest sort, although […]

MYSTERY DATES- s/t 7″EP (Beehive Records, USA, 1982)


MYSTERY DATES were from San Antonio, Texas and released 3 7″s (one of them came out posthumously and had previously unreleased material. It’s said to be the best the bands best and I would agree on that). There’s nothing I can tell you about the band or its history – I’ll leave that up to […]

SALVATION ARMY- Mind Gardens 7" (New Alliance, USA, 1981)


What a scorcher this 7″ by SALVATION ARMY is! Released on New Alliance Records, who brought you nothing bit essential records in their prime time, this one gets a bit overlooked, methinks. Catchy as fuck Punk of the “KBD” type, much 60s feeling and a typical southern Cali finish. Shredding geetars and melodic vocals: If […]

JACK & THE RIPPERS- No Desire, c/w I feel like a Tram 7" (Another Swiss Label, Switzerland, 1979)


That’s how I want my Powerpopunk! Switzie’s best. And yes – contrary to popular belief, the b-side smokes too. No Desire.mp3 I feel like a Tram.mp3

PLAYTHINGS- The Church of God, c/w I can’t face it 7" (Psychotex, USA, 1995 [1981])


Recorded in 1981 and not released until 1995, Texas Punk Rockers PLAYTHINGS are virtually unknown today. Maybe the idea of pressing a mere 200 copies (on clear vinyl, by the way) of this didn’t help the band much in gaining poularity? And now imagine they had put that out in 1981 with a press run […]

PEPE LIENHARD- Happy People, c/w You and me 7" (Werbeagentur D. Scherrer, Switzerland, 1973)


Flutes can get on ones nerves easily – not so on this 7″! The A-side has “Happy People” with some great flute-work. The flip has “You and me”, another fab track with killer lyrics. This one made me think about my relationship with Peter and also a bit on other things. Some things I liked […]