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Category Archives: People Chase-Away Punk

ANTI-SYSTEM- Defence of the Realm 7″EP (Pax Records, UK, 1983)


What a great, catchy and powerful little piece of vinyl this is! And what a major shame that this band’s legacy should be limited to crusty clowns wearing ANTI-SYSTEM stickers on their retro jackets. Filing bands like ANTI-SYSTEM under “crust” doesn’t do them justice at all – this is Hardcore à la Britain, no more […]

SACK-0′-WOES- The Paranoids are coming 12″EP (Looprekords, Holland, 2009)


Finally a new promo record that’s worth reviewing (and finally a new post, so you might say)! It’s the first 12″er, after a few 7″ers, by Holland’s SACK-‘O-WOES. While I’m not particularly fond of Retro Punk and this indeed sounds like modern Dirty Punk ‘n’ Roll, I must say that at least to me, it […]

MAD SOCIETY- s/t 7″EP (Hit & Run Records, USA, 1981)


Speaking of good bad music: Imagine a bunch of (pre)-pubertal kids dressing up, sneaking into their older brothers Hardcore band practice room and start imitating what they just heard. That’s more or less what you get here, including songs about Riot Squads and Napalm. MAD SOCIETY too came from L.A., just like SIN 34. This […]

JERRY’S KIDS- Live in Boston, May Day 1983


Fucking hell – on this live tape, JERRY’S KIDS are so incredibly tight, it sounds as if somebody had simply put on the “Is this my World” LP and blasts it off over the P.A. Relentless, extremely aggressive and fast, this is my personal fave of the four JERRY’S KIDS live tapes I have in […]

MOBS- Diabolism 7″EP (Noise Room Records, Japan, 1984)


One of the greatest EP from Japan comes from MOBS. Although this is pretty poorly recorded, the evilism is striking. Very much in the vein of GISM and the the likes, these kinda heavy, gloomy tracks are breeding discomfort and aggression. Wicked! What’s so typical for japanese Hardcore is the strange mixture of total frenzy […]

SKREWDRIVER- All skrewed up LP (Chiswick Records, UK, 1977)


What worries me most about this album – is a 45 rpm LP really an LP or is it just a MiniLP? And here are some of the highlights from the ongoing debate over at Peter’s, who posted the great “You’re so dumb” 7″ by the Skrewies. Some are dead serious, some are not – […]

ANTI-CIMEX- s/t 12″EP (Distraught / Skysaw Records, UK, 1986)


Who wouldn’t remember how controversially this slab was received. I got the advance tape only a few days after the final mixing of what would be the last ANTI-CIMEX record was done. The tape also contained a rough mix version and although I haven’t cared to dig it up since many many years, I remember […]

SWANKYS- The very best of Hero LP (Dogma Records, Japan, 1985)


Here’s one of the toughest to find Punk LPs from Japan. And one of the wildest. SWANKYS, who also had a couple of 7″s and a flexi, were basically GAI – why they changed the name, I don’t know. Did you ever realize that SWANKYS are in fact the missing link between HUBBLE BUBBLE and […]

KURO- Who the Helpless 8″EP (Blue Jug, Japan, 1984)


I will admit that I used to be deeper into that particular style of Hardcore Punk when I was younger. I will also admit that this second release by Japan’s mighty KURO still impresses me. The overall brutality and man, the vocals – the vocals. Fucking awesome, really. And if you have ever held the […]

V/A PAERE PUNK- Compilation LP (Kong Paere, Denmark, 1979)


“Paere Punk er het stykke historie” – yeah, fucking well said. This formidable piece of hard plastic has never been reissued and that, lads & lassies, is a crying shame. Some Punk Grandezza here, even though the super hits are maybe missing. LOST KIDS deliver one nice DEVO tribute, by making “Mongolid” an “Asocial”. The […]