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Category Archives: People Chase-Away Punk

THE FIX- Jan’s Rooms 7″EP (Touch & Go Records, USA, 1982)


If anything, then this is the most brutal sounding early U.S. Hardcore 7″EP. What NEGATIVE APPROACH had in Jon Brannon’s amazing razor blade voice, THE FIX had in the music. Yeah, I like that: Saying THE FIX sound like NEGATIVE APPROACH with bass and a good drummer. The four songs totally destroy, yet work as […]

THE FARTZ- Because this fucking World stinks … 7″EP (Fartz Records, USA, 1981)


Man, I just blasted a radio show from 1982. I found it on the great “More than a Witness”-Blog and it hit me like a brick: I suddenly found myself in a state of euphoria. The music cranked up loud, the adrenaline was rushing through my blood and I had the overwhelming feeling of going […]

AGENT ORANGE- VD. Hello Boy Friend, coming MY Way? 7″EP (New Wave Records, France, 1984)


Rule of thumb numba one when it comes to music: Good people make good music; rednecks make great music. Holland’s AGENT ORANGE with their second and final EP. Steamroller Hardcore Metal Punk at its most intense. Hit after hit until the final track, “Kill the Police”, makes you wanna go around and hug and kiss […]

FEAR OF GOD- Live at Fri-Son, Fribourg, 1/10/1988 Video


Out of the blue, a video of my old band FEAR OF GOD’s second last show surfaces. I didn’t know this existed until recently and now, I’m watching it the first time myself. What can I say. The soundboard recording of this show was released on the “As Statues Fell” Mini-LP and I always felt […]

SACCHARINE TRUST- A Christmas Cry 7″ (SST Records, USA, 1982)


This is as much christmas as you’ll ever get from me. SACCHARINE TRUST were one of the most intense bands of all time and the one who brought me to blogging in the first place (with “Paganicons”, on .blogspot still). One totally fucked up and übergreat tune on the first side (also featured on the […]

IMPACT- Solo Odio Mini-LP (Chaos Produzioni, Italy, 1985)


I originally wanted to post this smasher when the news here in good ol’Europe were full of pictures of Berlusconi with a bloodied face: Some guy gave him what he would deserve a thousand times more with a small statue of the dome of Milano. But things were too hectic here to bring it up […]

MALINHEADS- Probegepogt aus Spandau 7″EP (Pogar Records, Germany, 1983)


Another regional pearl up your asses! MALINHEADS came from the rather small but forceful Berlin Punk scene and released this EP, the band’s debut, in 1983. I didn’t realize this so much in the 80s, but today, records like this sound a lot more interesting. The musicianship might not be overwhelmingly good, but still this […]

V/A VARNING!! FOR PUNK- 3 CD-Compilation (Distortion Records & Ägg Records, Sweden, 1994)


This is the first time I’m posting a CD release and I’m posting this because it was released on CD only and seems to be pretty tough to come by and widely unknown outside of Sweden (where I happen to live) It’s pretty much an anthology of Swedish Punk and Hardcore, as excessive in number […]

MASACRE 68 / HISTERIA- Split LP Picture Disc (Cryptas Records, Mexico, ca. 1995)


Here’s one for the Punx! This picture disc split LP contains demo material from two great Mexican Hardcore bands of the 80s: MASACRE 68 and HISTERIA. There’s no proper information on the when- and whereabouts of these recordings, but they may be from around 1986-87. MASACRE 68 (named after a bloody massacre of Mexican police […]

ABSURD- s/t 7″EP (Bullshit Rekordz, Sweden, 1982)


The missing link between Mongo Rock and D-Beat / Crust. Sweden’s ABSURD one and only EP, a masterpiece of its own! Yeah, Peter over at Killed by Death had this posted a while ago, but it’s the right time now for a repost of this hard to find pearl of swedish socialdemocratic preacher pop. Released […]