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Category Archives: Opera Metal

GHOST- Secular Haze Live in Linköping, Sweden, December 2012


Papa Emeritus & his friars in their 2nd incarnation. Still – the most amazing band of our time! The rank sweetness, the maelstrom, the bottomless pit, that opens beneath your feet. May they take on the world. And end it.

GASTUNK- To Fans 7″EP (Sex69, Japan, 1986)


What a bizarre blend of Metal, Hardrock (KISS!), Folk and Punk. GASTUNK from Japan enjoy some sort of cult status and I can really understand why. There simply ain’t no band with a similar sound around. The “Deadsong” Lp was a bit too much for me, but this collectible 7″ is great. And the packaging […]

BOMBANFALL- s/t 7″EP (selfproduced, Sweden, 1987)


Excuse the double post, but I feel like a bit of Harshcore at the moment. Though the “core” is kinda dubious when it comes to BOMBANFALL. What a record. So wild, so uncompromising, so original! And one of my favourite singers ever. What a powerful fucking voice! What a barbaric EP! If the second song […]

MANOWAR- Defender 12″ (Music for Nations, UK, 1984)


My heart beats like a machine gun fired by a spaz: This is the most courageous of posts! It takes a heart of steel and blood of fire to speak out the truth. The first four MANOWAR albums, the first demo and this 12″ are godlike. Immortals (immorals?) of Metal! Yes, this is actually Orson […]

FEAR OF GOD- Live at Fri-Son, Fribourg (Switzerland) September 1 1988


The second last gig of my band FEAR OF GOD took place in the french speaking part of Switzerland. We shared the bill with Caspar Brötzmann, a jazz avantgardist. I barely remember anything from that show. It was a pretty big place, a lot of people, it had a lightshow and a professional mixer. The […]

STILLBORN- Necrospirituals LP (Radium, Germany, 1989)


Bizarre, carnevalesque, gothic, kinky, satanic, operatic, kitschig, over the top, lustful and heavy – STILLBORN‘s debut album from 1989 remains one of Metal’s best kept secrets. Although this album is literally bursting out with talent, heavyness and a good sense of irony, it seems virtually unknown these days. Whot a shame! Time to give these […]