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Category Archives: Opera Hardcore

BOMBANFALL- s/t 7″EP (selfproduced, Sweden, 1987)


Excuse the double post, but I feel like a bit of Harshcore at the moment. Though the “core” is kinda dubious when it comes to BOMBANFALL. What a record. So wild, so uncompromising, so original! And one of my favourite singers ever. What a powerful fucking voice! What a barbaric EP! If the second song […]

PERSONALITY CRISIS- Creatures for Awhile LP (Risky Records, USA, 1983)


Caught a little cold hiking through the snow yesterday, so I’m not feeling like writing much. I wanted to rip & post this for a long time: One of the most criminally overlooked LPs of all time. Canaduh’s PERSONALITY CRISIS sounded like no one else and still today, this LP gives me goose bumps all […]