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Category Archives: Noise

V/A PAERE PUNK- Compilation LP (Kong Paere, Denmark, 1979)


“Paere Punk er het stykke historie” – yeah, fucking well said. This formidable piece of hard plastic has never been reissued and that, lads & lassies, is a crying shame. Some Punk Grandezza here, even though the super hits are maybe missing. LOST KIDS deliver one nice DEVO tribute, by making “Mongolid” an “Asocial”. The […]

DEAD- Musical Abortions Demo (Fuck Music Publishing, USA, 1986)


I bought this tape in some record store with a air conditioner of the size of a jumbo jet somewhere in Florida in 1986, because of the band name and the cover. When I took it back to the flat of Kam Lee & Rick Rozz (formerly of DEATH, at that time active in MASSACRE) […]

DISCHARGE- Live in Nottingham 7″EP Bootleg (no label, UK, 1987)


I heard the call for “more Hardcore” and the “D-Beat Hypothesis” by Stuart (check the comments section in the last post). DISCHARGE were noise not music, a wise man once said – and that’s what we learn from this bootleg. Good Hardcore always sounds like “noise” to the innocent ear. Bands like DISCHARGE deflorated my […]

Dave Phillips- The Hermeneutics of Fear Of God LP (Absurd Records, Brazil, 2008)


Finally, Dave Phillips‘ “The Hermeneutics of Fear Of God” is available again! What can I say? Of all the “extreme” music I heard in my life, from poststructural noise to Grindcore, from Death Metal to Hardcore Thrash, this has got got to be the most vicious, aggressive and torturing record that I know. Dave obsessively […]