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Click to enlarge and share if you care. Don’t forget to include your shipping adress. PS: RIP Poly Styrene. So sad.

TYSONDOG- Eat the Rich 7″ (Neat Records, UK, 1983)


A few words before going on with the newest posting: After a very favorable (and pleasant) bit on this blog in the German «Jungle World» paper, «Good bad Music» with its admin got coverage in the second biggest swiss newspaper. For those of you interested, you may join the facebook group (see the left column): […]

Thank you for the Donations!


Extra special thanks and kisses to the donors. You guys are the buzz in the distortion.

Annual Donation Round-Up & a personal résumé


You may have seen the donation-button on top of the left side column: Please make use of it, if you want to keep Goodbadmusic going on for another year. For those new to the site: This blog runs exclusively on your donations. Although you can make a quick buck with google-ads, running a website, I […]

Announcement: OFF THE DISK- Limited Edition 7″ Boxset coming!


Thomas Mölch has announced the release of a limited edition Boxset containing 6 of the classic OFF THE DISK 7″ records and a special limited edition including a reprint of the INFEST “Slave” 12″EP poster and an INFEST T-Shirt. Distributors / mailorders in the U.S. interested in the regular boxset please get in touch with […]

R.I.P. RONNIE JAMES DIO (A little tribute from goodbadmusic)


A few hours ago, Ronnie James Dio passed away. He died of cancer. This is a little tribute to one of the best voices in Metal. It’s lifted from a bootleg LP that was recorded live at the Volkshaus in Zürich, Switzerland, on November 27 1983. It was a great concert and a very impressive […]

Thanks for the Link ….


Thomas. And yes, the album is pathetic dung.

Fund raising for KLEENEX / LILIPUT


I’ve recently come across this fund raising thing for a planned 4 LP Boxset full of KLEENEX / LILIPUT’s discography. You can hear the first and truly epochal KLEENEX 7″ here. More KLEENEX here and LILIPUT here (that’s the name they picked after being forced to change the band name). I cannot emphasize this strongly […]



I’ve recently gone through the blogroll and realized that many of my links are dead. That means: Space for new links available. So please just leave me any suggestions in the comments section. No commercial links (shops etc.). Music, politics, (net-) culture – whatever you think might be worth linking.

A Punk Rock Comedy!


I don’t know whether or not in non-german speaking countries the Helene-Hegemann-debate has been in the news. What happened? A rich brat of 17 years has published a book (“axolotl roadkill”) last year. Upon release, the book has seen enormous praise by some of the most potent papers and critics in germany, making it a […]