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All links taken down very soon!


Goodbye to!


I couldn’t decide for a long time what to do with the blog. It’s quite obvious that I lost interest in bloggin’ and especially ripping stuff from my collection – and now I have also lost interest in paying from my own pocket to keep the music online for the readers to download free of […]

Not even an announcement!


I wish I could tell you what my plans regarding this blog are. I don’t know myself. All I do know is that I lost interest in continuing it, since it began to feel like an obligation, like work. Stay tuned.

MOTÖRHEAD- Live August 1980 [yes, broken soundcard still has not been replaced]


Awesome live (obviously not overdubbed) video from 1980. This was available on VHS back when I didn’t sport a grey beard as I do now. Unfortunately, my soundcard is damaged, which keeps me from ripping new music for the blog. I hope to get a new one real soon. Be back soon, I promise.

Dear promoters


Not one day passes without one of your boring emails. I don’t give a shit about that exciting new band you’re trying to sell. I never cared enough to even download one kilobite of the promo crap you’re offering me. Your bands all stink, they’re all crap and they won’t get nowhere anyway, especially not […]

German Television, ACTA and Goodbadmusic


German television reporting about protests against ACTA (the anti-piracy act that threatens the free and open web). From 3:12 on, you see somebody browsing goodbadmusic (starting with Pusrad) and eventually downloading Infest’s Slave Mini-LP (which – ironically and as you all know – was released on my own label).



You may have seen the donation-button on top of the left side column: Please make use of it, if you want to keep Goodbadmusic going on for another year. For those new to the site: This blog runs exclusively on your donations. Although I could make a quick buck with google-ads etc., I decided to […]

Technical difficulties with the blog software


I can currently not aceess and approve comments. Something with the blog software (WordPress) seems to be corrupted. Comments seem to be saved though and will not get lost, so keep coming what you’ve got coming.

R.I.P. Seth Putnam (1968 – 2011)


I have no music of Seth I could post here and while I’m yet trying to pay some sort of tribute to the man, I will write more about myself than him, but that’s how it goes sometimes and I can’t change it. (This photo is from Seth’s facebook) In person, I met Seth only […]

FEAR OF GOD: Collecting all cover songs worldwide!


Dear Headbangers and Hellraisers: Dave & I are collecting all FEAR OF GOD cover versions for Dave’s htttp:// page. Please get in touch with either of us if you are in a band or know a band that covers or used to cover  a merry FEAR OF GOD tune. On records, demos, live, during rehearsals […]