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Category Archives: New Release

YOU WEREN’T THERE. A HISTORY OF CHICAGO PUNK 1977-1984 (Documentary & Soundtrack LP)


Is Punk dead? Of course it is – and for good it is. Imagine this: Cultural and social phenomena would last forever. Groups of old men would gather while other even older men would stand on stage, playing songs from I-don’t-know-when while the other old men would stand there, holding their beers and with a […]

SACK-0′-WOES- The Paranoids are coming 12″EP (Looprekords, Holland, 2009)


Finally a new promo record that’s worth reviewing (and finally a new post, so you might say)! It’s the first 12″er, after a few 7″ers, by Holland’s SACK-‘O-WOES. While I’m not particularly fond of Retro Punk and this indeed sounds like modern Dirty Punk ‘n’ Roll, I must say that at least to me, it […]

GEPOPEL- Complete 1982-85 LP (Noise & Distortion, Holland, 2008)


Got a package in the mail today and it came from Niels! One (if not the) high points in European Hardcore saw the light of day when all was almost over: The incredibly catchy and tense EP by Holland’s GEPOPEL. I will never forget how blown away I was over the power of “Paracide”. I […]

BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE- Dolores CD (PIAS Recordings, Belgium, 2008)


Imagine you’re sitting in a luxury loft. Designer furniture all around you. A big, big window. Sun slowly setting. Body parts at your feet. BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE deliver the soundtrack to this picture. There used to be this crazy Hardcore Thrash band from Germany, called CHRONICAL DIARRHOEA, hailing from Mühleim an der […]



Now this is quite a surprise! A tribute to the the founding member and original master mind of PINK FLOYD, Syd Barrett who died 2 years ago. I could start telling you how much I always loved early PINK FLOYD and how I fell onto my knees in front of Syd Barretts musical genius, but […]

RUDIMENTARY PENI- No more Pain 12″EP (Southern Records, UK, 2008)


Finally, the wait is over. RUDIMENTARY PENI, quickly approaching towards the band’s 30st anniversary, finally unleash “No more Pain”. As you know, this is the band’s third phase, so to speak. From the first selftitled EP to “Death Church”, from “Cacaphony” to “Pope Adrian 37th” and from “Echoes of Anguish” until “No more Pain”, the […]

Dave Phillips- The Hermeneutics of Fear Of God LP (Absurd Records, Brazil, 2008)


Finally, Dave Phillips‘ “The Hermeneutics of Fear Of God” is available again! What can I say? Of all the “extreme” music I heard in my life, from poststructural noise to Grindcore, from Death Metal to Hardcore Thrash, this has got got to be the most vicious, aggressive and torturing record that I know. Dave obsessively […]

SOLID DECLINE / RUIDOSE INMUNDICIA- Split LP (Thought Crime Records, Germany, 2008)


And we go with the first promotional record I received. Berlin’s “Thought Crime Records” was founded in 1995 Jens (of the german thrash kings PINK FLAMINGOS) and Thomas (now in SOLID DECLINE). After Jens quit the label, Thomas continued the work and this is the first of the new label releases that I hear. And […]