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SEX DWARF- Full av aska 7″EP (D-Takt & Rapunk Records / Konton Crasher, Sweden 2013)


Per Thunell is a force of nature! The ex-singer of PROTES BENGT and FILTHY CHRISTIANS (among others) newest comeback with fuzzed-out, fuckshitupistic, batshit crazy SEX DWARF. Never before has a band named after a Soft Cell song sounded so little like Soft Cell. SEX DWARF burst out with seven distorted, mid-tempo songs that remind of […]

out now: FEAR OF GOD- s/t 7″EP Picture Disc (FOAD Records, Italy, 2012)


Out now: A very limited edition Picture Disc version of my old band FEAR OF GOD‘s debut EP from 1988. Superb and quite luxurious gatefold die-cut sleeve, heavy (!) vinyl and sticker insert. Sound carefully reproduced using the original mastertape. Only 300 copies were made. This will not be repressed in this form, so better […]

FRONT LINE- Basic Training 7″EP (Beach Impediment Records, USA, 2012)


You may have heard FRONT LINE on the glorious 2nd installment of MASTER TAPE (find the quintessential volume one here) – and you know that this band overshadowed the other (very good) bands in terms ofspeed and punch by miles. Finally, the complete 1982 10-song demo (from which the comp tracks were taken) has been […]

PUSRAD- Smart Trams 7″ EP (Just4Fun, USA, 2012)


Perfection. Sort, sharp, to the point. Clever, full of energy, sounding like the best and yet like no one else. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing more that I could say. This yellow piece of plastic has so much energy, it makes me breathless. Thus the concept of “Smart Trams” is perfect: Short songs – and […]



This is how you represent 80s Hardcore and its bastard offspring in the 21st century without stepping into the retro trap. Cutting up the sound, playing around with the visuals – and creating something that seems “authentic” yet is a hybrid. The power of this video and its soundtrack is simply overwhelming. Very, very, very […]

AMEBIX- Sonic Mass (Amebix Records / Easyaction, UK, 2011)


On September 23, equinox, the new AMEBIX album will be released. „These days will never come again“, Rob sings repeatedly during the first, calm track «Days» and this is pretty much the motto under which this long awaited comeback should be received. What we have here is no cheap rehash of the old days. It’s […]

Announcement: OFF THE DISK- Limited Edition 7″ Boxset coming!


Thomas Mölch has announced the release of a limited edition Boxset containing 6 of the classic OFF THE DISK 7″ records and a special limited edition including a reprint of the INFEST “Slave” 12″EP poster and an INFEST T-Shirt. Distributors / mailorders in the U.S. interested in the regular boxset please get in touch with […]

TOUCH AND GO. The Complete Hardcore Punk Zine ’79-’83. (Bazillion Points Books, USA, 2010)


“Touch and Go” is not only the name of one of the most exciting and important underground labels (The Fix, Necros, Negative Approach etc.). “Touch and Go” was also a legendary Hardcore Punk fanzine that lasted from 1979 to 1983. In fact, the fanzine came first, founded by the provocative and anus tooling mastermind Tesco […]

THE DESECRATORS- Speed up the Death Process LP (Pro-Anti Records, Switzerland, 2010)


This is one of the most astonishing records I heard in a long, long time. It was recorded as a demo in 1986, on a shitty 4 track recorder, in 4 hours and with the cheapest gear. Not that it would matter though, cause you will always be able to tell a great band from […]

JERK WARD- Too young to thrash 12″EP (Supreme Echo, Canada, 2009)


Canada’s JERK WARD were one of these almost legendary local bands of the early 80s who never released vinyl, but had a reputation among tape traders. Jason Flower (formerly of DEMENTIA and MEXICAN POWER AUTHORITY) once again unearths one of these treasures. Before trying to hard to find my own words, let me just copypaste […]