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Category Archives: Motorcycle Punk

MALINHEADS- Probegepogt aus Spandau 7″EP (Pogar Records, Germany, 1983)


Another regional pearl up your asses! MALINHEADS came from the rather small but forceful Berlin Punk scene and released this EP, the band’s debut, in 1983. I didn’t realize this so much in the 80s, but today, records like this sound a lot more interesting. The musicianship might not be overwhelmingly good, but still this […]

V/A VARNING!! FOR PUNK- 3 CD-Compilation (Distortion Records & Ägg Records, Sweden, 1994)


This is the first time I’m posting a CD release and I’m posting this because it was released on CD only and seems to be pretty tough to come by and widely unknown outside of Sweden (where I happen to live) It’s pretty much an anthology of Swedish Punk and Hardcore, as excessive in number […]

CITY-X- Ude af drift! 7″EP (Irmgardz, Denmark, 1980)


Thanks to everybody who donated – thanx for making my life miserable by chaining me for yet another year to this blog! And apologies for not posting a new record sooner, but I’ve been terribly snowed under and as if that wasn’t enough, I caught some influenza and got pinned down for days. Pig disease? […]

ANTI-SYSTEM- Defence of the Realm 7″EP (Pax Records, UK, 1983)


What a great, catchy and powerful little piece of vinyl this is! And what a major shame that this band’s legacy should be limited to crusty clowns wearing ANTI-SYSTEM stickers on their retro jackets. Filing bands like ANTI-SYSTEM under “crust” doesn’t do them justice at all – this is Hardcore à la Britain, no more […]

SAINT VITUS- Hallow’s Victim LP (SST, USA, 1985)


«Hallow’s Victim» was the 2nd full length by SAINT VITUS and the last one featuring original singer Scott Reagers. Although this LP all in all is not as throughoutly perfect as the first, self titled one, it’s still one scorcher and it eludes me why this has never been officially re-released. I couldn’t pick a […]

SACK-0′-WOES- The Paranoids are coming 12″EP (Looprekords, Holland, 2009)


Finally a new promo record that’s worth reviewing (and finally a new post, so you might say)! It’s the first 12″er, after a few 7″ers, by Holland’s SACK-‘O-WOES. While I’m not particularly fond of Retro Punk and this indeed sounds like modern Dirty Punk ‘n’ Roll, I must say that at least to me, it […]

ROUGH- Tornio e la mia Citta & 3 7″EP (Meccano Records, Italy, 1982)


The undisputed king of all Italian Oi-related records: ROUGH and their claim for Torino! From what I’ve heard, italian Oi-bands were often fascists, but not so ROUGH. This is their only lifetime vinyl release, apart from several compilation appearances. And its by far their best material. All four songs on this low-budget 7″ are great, […]

DAYGLO ABORTIONS- Unreleased 7″EP (Canada, 1982)


We’ve had a bit of a Metal thing going on here the last couple of weeks, so what could be better than keepin’ on surfing the same wave a bit longer, yet going Punk? The heaviest Punk band in the world: Canada’s DAYGLO ABORTIONS. I got the demo from one of my penpals from Canada […]

RATTUS- WC Räjähthää 12″EP (Poko Rekords, Finland, 1982)


The only northern euro record that comes close (very close!) to the unbeaten glory of TERVEET KÄDET’s “Äretön Joulu” 7″ EP. RATTUS released three 7″s and one so-so 12″EP prior to this slab. What can I say? This is so dry and brutal and sounds like the blueprint for so many bands that still copy […]

SKREWDRIVER- All skrewed up LP (Chiswick Records, UK, 1977)


What worries me most about this album – is a 45 rpm LP really an LP or is it just a MiniLP? And here are some of the highlights from the ongoing debate over at Peter’s, who posted the great “You’re so dumb” 7″ by the Skrewies. Some are dead serious, some are not – […]