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DEMON- One helluva Night, b/w Into the Nightmare 7″ Picture Disc (Carrere & Clay Records, UK, 1981)


DEMON were the maybe phoniest NWOBHM group of them all and that’s why we should love them, cause contrary to the vehement belief of some intellectual backwoodsmen, everything but death is real (“The closer we believe the truth, the bigger the pain”, Hans Blumenberg said in one of his particularly clear moments somewhere in his […]

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Thomas. And yes, the album is pathetic dung.

A Punk Rock Comedy!


I don’t know whether or not in non-german speaking countries the Helene-Hegemann-debate has been in the news. What happened? A rich brat of 17 years has published a book (“axolotl roadkill”) last year. Upon release, the book has seen enormous praise by some of the most potent papers and critics in germany, making it a […]

PLASMATICS- Butcher Baby 7″EP (Vice Squad, USA, 1978)


Malcolm McLaren had done it in the UK and Rod Swenson in the U.S. – however obscene you might find today’s casting shows, you should never forget that in a way, the casting idea had played quite a role in the early days of Punk. THE PLASMATICS basically were put together by Swenson – or […]

FEAR OF GOD- Live at Fri-Son, Fribourg, 1/10/1988 Video


Out of the blue, a video of my old band FEAR OF GOD’s second last show surfaces. I didn’t know this existed until recently and now, I’m watching it the first time myself. What can I say. The soundboard recording of this show was released on the “As Statues Fell” Mini-LP and I always felt […]

ABSURD- s/t 7″EP (Bullshit Rekordz, Sweden, 1982)


The missing link between Mongo Rock and D-Beat / Crust. Sweden’s ABSURD one and only EP, a masterpiece of its own! Yeah, Peter over at Killed by Death had this posted a while ago, but it’s the right time now for a repost of this hard to find pearl of swedish socialdemocratic preacher pop. Released […]

SPERMA- s/t 12″EP (Another Swiss Label, Switzerland, 1979)


Three more mongo hits from Switzerland’s SPERMA (check this link for their first 7″ and this one for the alternate version of it). Three love songs of sorts here: “Schmier” (“Cops”) deals with the boys in blue, “No more Love” with the Punk lifestyle and the epic “Radio” is dedicated to the swiss national radio […]

V/A DIE DEUTSCHEN KOMMEN- Compilation LP (Rock-O-Rama, Germany, 1982)


Classic, notorious and hard to find compilation album on the controversial Rockorama label. FASAGA open up with four great, funny songs: Simple music totally dominated by the singing. In this case, the melodic and wacky vocals sound heavily inspired by the Neue Deutsche Welle thing that was on its peak in 1982. It adds a […]

PARALEX- White Lightning & 2 12″EP (Reddingtons Rare Records, UK, 1980)


No Metal discrimination here, so here’s another NWOBHM gemm. PARALEX only released this most wonderful 12er in 1980 and then disappeared from the radars. In 1981 or 1982, I used to be a Heavy Metal Joyrider. That sounds spectacular, but it wasn’t really. Mofas were the big thing for a youngster like me, but my […]

SAVAGE- The complete Discography 1981-1984


I’ve never done this before, but I feel it’s necessary. SAVAGE were one of the NWOBHM’s most influential bands and it’s a major shame that their material seems to be a bit difficult to get, even on CD. There’s been a bootleg CD of the first LP, with a horrible sound and I’m afraid to […]