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Category Archives: Mongo Rock

out now: FEAR OF GOD- s/t 7″EP Picture Disc (FOAD Records, Italy, 2012)


Out now: A very limited edition Picture Disc version of my old band FEAR OF GOD‘s debut EP from 1988. Superb and quite luxurious gatefold die-cut sleeve, heavy (!) vinyl and sticker insert. Sound carefully reproduced using the original mastertape. Only 300 copies were made. This will not be repressed in this form, so better […]

PUSRAD- Smart Trams 7″ EP (Just4Fun, USA, 2012)


Perfection. Sort, sharp, to the point. Clever, full of energy, sounding like the best and yet like no one else. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing more that I could say. This yellow piece of plastic has so much energy, it makes me breathless. Thus the concept of “Smart Trams” is perfect: Short songs – and […]

ISM- I think I love you 7″ (Shelf Job Records, USA, 1983)


Repost from August 29 2007. Fresh rips. Added vinyl scans. I was asked to take down the mp3 files a couple years ago, which I did. No re-release of any of ISM’s material has ever surfaced in the meantime, so I think it’s a total necessity to repost this. At least until a proper re-release […]

SACRED BLADE- »The Alien« Live Footage from 1983


This is amazing! I always loved SACRED BLADE and especially the band’s highly energetic and extremely original song “The Alien” on the epochal »Metal Massacre IV« compilation album. There is something very fascinating about this track and it has always reminded me – I don’t know why – of ANGEL WITCH’s selftitled number. Maybe because […]

EXECUTIONER- Metal up your Ass, b/w Syco-pathic Mind 7″ (selfproduced, USA, 1985)


Just a couple minutes ago, on my fecalbook wall, I asked for somebody to help me with the writeup for this great and very rare 7″ by EXECUTIONER, which has been calling for a decent vinyl rip for a long enough time now. My friend Justin from Mustard Relics immediately came up with the following […]

TMA- What’s for Dinner LP [Version 1 & 2] (Jimboco Records, USA, 1984)


An album of undeniable mongo-qualities: Straight in your face, short, obnoxious yet not un-poppy tunes that make you smile. Songs with choruses like “I’m in love with Nancy Reagan” and “Suck my dick, surf nazi” are instant hits and there’s plenty of them on this somehow overlooked lp by New Jersey’s TMA. Their followup, “Beach […]

BAMBIS- Play Ramones Cassette (Off Course Records, Switzerland, 1981)


The early Punk scene in Switzerland was not very productive, but what it produced was and is of an often astounding quality. Over the past years, I’ve been trying my best to give these mostly hard to find records some attention. When recently I got in touch with Rolf Brunner, I first didn’t know what […]

FINAL BLAST / RAPT- Split 7″EP (Chaos Produzioni, Italy, 1986)


Two bands from France on the same italian label that also brought you WRETCHED. FINAL BLAST contribute two songs. I wish I could say that I don’t like them, but I must admit that there’s a certain melancholy in these two bass driven numbers that I still find quite appealing. I remember that I used […]

WITCH CROSS- Are you there?, b/w No Angel 7″ (Jamara Records, Denmark, 1983)


A minor classic: Denmark’s WITCH CROSS with their vinyl debut. Maybe not the greatest music you ever heard, but regarding to my long absence from posting anything new on this blog, I felt that the song “Are you there” would be just appropriate. Frankly: I have a major crisis of motivation in keeping up this […]

D.Y.S.- Brotherhood Mini-LP (X-Claim Records, USA, 1983)


I couldn’t resist, so here’s the first 12er by the D.Y.S. (Department of Youth Services). Musically not as perfect, but in a way just as enjoyable as SSD (or maybe more so; totally depends on the mood I’m in) and lyrically from about the same caliber, only that D.Y.S. were a bit more outspokenly misogynistic. […]