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You may have seen the donation-button on top of the left side column: Please make use of it, if you want to keep Goodbadmusic going on for another year. For those new to the site: This blog runs exclusively on your donations. Although I could make a quick buck with google-ads etc., I decided to […]

FEAR OF GOD- Live at Fri-Son, Fribourg, 1/10/1988 Video


Out of the blue, a video of my old band FEAR OF GOD’s second last show surfaces. I didn’t know this existed until recently and now, I’m watching it the first time myself. What can I say. The soundboard recording of this show was released on the “As Statues Fell” Mini-LP and I always felt […]

BASTA- Non posso sopportare questa sporca Situazione 7″EP (Basta Records, Italy, 1982)


I heard your desperate call and now here’s some more Oi-Punk from Italy. BASTA, that’s what I heard, showed a bit more affection for the rightwing scene. Well, well, well. Don’t know much more about BASTA and quite frankly: I never understood the whole concept of Oi and how this was supposed to be going […]

V/A- RAPTUS- Compilation LP (Meccano Records, Italy, 1984)


When a while ago I featured the second RAPTUS Compilation LP, I promised to follow with the first one. After nearly two years since this promise, I guess it’s about time now …. I don’t know much about the background of this compilation LP and I’m sure Papella will help us with more details. Meccano […]