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Category Archives: Missed chances Part I

ANTISECT: Out from the Void 7″ (Endangered Musik, UK, 1986)


Maybe this is and always has been more of a record that I wanted to like, than one that I really did like. I don’t recall the review I wrote for my fanzine, when “Out from the Void” came out, but I tend to believe that it wasn’t bad at all. Yet, in the years […]

HERESY- Split LP with Reevsy singing (Toy’s Factory, Japan, 1990)


Not too long before HERESY embarked for their first Euro tour in 1986 (together with Concrete Sox – more here), they recorded 6 songs with their original guitarist & singer Reevsy (who also can be heard on the «Never Healed»Flexi). As you know, Reevsy was replaced by John on vocal duty on the tour and […]

CRUCIFIXION- The Fox, b/w Death Sentence 7″ (Miramar Records, UK, 1980)


CRUCIFIXION from Essex formed in 1979 in Essex and until the band’s goodbye in 1984, only managed to release two 7″ers, a 12″EP and a compilation appearance (on “60 Minutes Plus” Neat Cassette; not counting the postmortal ones). In a way, the jinx-fated recording career of CRUCIFIXION is prototypical for many of their fellows. After […]

E.N.T. & K.L.F.- 3 a.m. eternal 7″ (selfproduced, UK, 1992)


When in 1991, the british acid house act KLF decided it was time to retreat from the nasty music business (with the millions they had made), they decided to leave it with a bang. The group was announced to play the Brit Awards ceremony (a tasteless annual meeting of the music industry) and had in […]

HELLHOUND- Submit or die Demo Tape (selfproduced, USA, 1985)


HELLHOUND were (and are) the unsung heroes of the Bay Area Metal scene. The band was formed in 1981 and apart from this demo had never released anything officially during the groups first life span. Why is that? The six songs on this cassette are all highly memorable and show competent song writing, combined with […]

BLOODSTAR- Exterminator 666 does not answer, c/w Hyperspace 10″ (Red Decibel, USA, 1991)


When I listen to a record like this, I can’t help but thinking I might have missed something during the 90s. When the 80s came to an early end, a lot of people felt disorientated musically. I still cannot oversee the whole transformation that was taking place, but one of the key words was definitely […]