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Category Archives: Metal

RIOT- Outlaw, c/w Rock city (live) 7″ (Elektra, USA, 1981)


Listen, I know what you’re thinking. “What the hell is this?! This 7″ never had this sleeve!” And you’re totally right being surprised. So was I when I found me a promotional copy of RIOT‘s “Fire down under” LP, bearing a sticker which said that this would include the bonus 7″. I can only speak […]

ELIXIR- Treachery (Ride like the Wind), c/w Winds of Time 7″ ((Elixir Records, UK, 1985)


It’s about highest time for another Metal post. And a short one at that too. ELIXIR were among the very last outfits of the original NWOBHM. After a demo tape which got favorable reviews in some fanzines, I ordered myself one and was pleasantly surprised. When a year later, this two tracker was announced, I […]

PERSIAN RISK- Calling for you 7″ (SRTS, UK, 1981)


There was a time when nobody doubted that PERSIAN RISK would be the next big name in what was then simply called Heavy Metal. The first single, featured here, sounded highly energetic and the title song’s memorable chorus would stick in your head forever in the long winter of 1981/82. My local record shop carried […]

PENTAGRAM- Livin’ in a Ram’s Head, b/w When the Screams come 7″ (High Voltage Records, USA, 1979)


PENTAGRAM sure have a one of a kind history, one that is not so unlike from that of Pagan Altar, for instance. Old bands that never got out of their regional context in their heyday and only started to get international recognition during the 90s and 00s. But other than Pagan Altar (the only altar […]

DENIGH- Running, c/w No way 7″ (Ace Records, UK, 1980)


Just a quick shot. DENIGH were a band of which I had not heard until a few years ago, when I found a horrible rip of the 2nd demo on some blog. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this 7″ in a record shop yesterday and despite the high price, I had to […]

SACRED BLADE- »The Alien« Live Footage from 1983


This is amazing! I always loved SACRED BLADE and especially the band’s highly energetic and extremely original song “The Alien” on the epochal »Metal Massacre IV« compilation album. There is something very fascinating about this track and it has always reminded me – I don’t know why – of ANGEL WITCH’s selftitled number. Maybe because […]

EXECUTIONER- Metal up your Ass, b/w Syco-pathic Mind 7″ (selfproduced, USA, 1985)


Just a couple minutes ago, on my fecalbook wall, I asked for somebody to help me with the writeup for this great and very rare 7″ by EXECUTIONER, which has been calling for a decent vinyl rip for a long enough time now. My friend Justin from Mustard Relics immediately came up with the following […]

SOLDIER- Sheralee, c/w Force 7″ (Heavy Metal Records, UK, 1982)


“Sheralee” by Northampton’s SOLDIER has got to be one of greatest earworms of the NWOBHM. The chorus, the great voice of singer Gaz – and then the unexpected break in the middle of the song, weirdly turning the simple rocker into one serious Maiden-esque scorcher. The flipside, “Force” is noticeable too, a midtempo song with […]

TRUFFLE- Round Tower, c/w If you really want 7″ (Chestnut Records, UK, 1981)


Only a NWOBHM band would pick such a name – TRUFFLE. And a truffle this 7″ is indeed. I’d go as far as saying that this 7″ is among the very best of the genre, although the outfit remains to be totally unpopular. Let’s hope we change this. “If you really want” is a great […]

TYSONDOG- Eat the Rich 7″ (Neat Records, UK, 1983)


A few words before going on with the newest posting: After a very favorable (and pleasant) bit on this blog in the German «Jungle World» paper, «Good bad Music» with its admin got coverage in the second biggest swiss newspaper. For those of you interested, you may join the facebook group (see the left column): […]