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RE-UP: In memoriam Jeff Hanneman (1964-2013): SLAYER- Instrumental rehearsal session for “Hell awaits” (1985)


As I keep getting a lot of requests for this one and it since has not surfaced on other blogs, I make this outstanding recording available again for a limited time!   Expired. Please, after downloading, consider a donation (see donation-button on the left side). This blog is non-profit and ad-free, but its maintenance and […]

OVERDRIVE- s/t 7″EP (Boring Grantham Records, UK, 1981)


One of the lesser known bands of the NWOBHM, with one of the main collectibles. This self-released EP by OVERDRIVE has three songs – and they’re all great! A bit on the SAXON-side of things, with reminiscence of SCARAB, but as always with these bands, you wouldn’t do OVERDRIVE much justice neglecting their very own, […]

MOTÖRHEAD- Live August 1980 [yes, broken soundcard still has not been replaced]


Awesome live (obviously not overdubbed) video from 1980. This was available on VHS back when I didn’t sport a grey beard as I do now. Unfortunately, my soundcard is damaged, which keeps me from ripping new music for the blog. I hope to get a new one real soon. Be back soon, I promise.

V/A NEW ELECTRIC WARRIORS- Compilation LP (Logo Records, UK, 1980)


A premiere on Goodbadmusic: A guest contribution! Akshay Ganesh describes himself as “a music fiend and a grumpy New Yorker”. I can absolutely confirm the first and maybe he just had a good day when we met in Devember of 2010, as he was anything but grumpy. We decided to meet in front of the […]

THE OBSESSED- Instrumental 7″ (Doom Records, USA, 1996)


The little I know about this pretty obscure THE OBSESSED 7″ comes from various not too trustworthy internet sources: Apparently the two instrumentals featured here were recorded in the 80s. Where they originate from and why they have no vocals, I can’t say. To me, they really do sound like instrumentals, not like unfinished recordings, […]

HELLHAMMER- Satanic Rites Demo Tape (Prowling Death Records, Switzerland, 1983)


VENOM had set in motion some kind of movement that soon was bigger than its originators, but it took a few years before they were dethroned. In 1981, I had seen the «In League with Satan» Single on display at my local record shop. The cover was promising so much and when I bought the […]

ANGEL WITCH- Loser 7″EP (Bronze Records, UK, 1981)


The band against which the whole music business had conspired: ANGEL WITCH never got the recognition they deserved. Maybe it was Bronze Records’ poor distribution, as the s/t LP was a collector’s item in the early 80s already, at least outside of the UK. Yet the album is perfect in every aspect and delivers nothing […]

MORBID ANGEL- Bleed for the Devil One-Track Demo 1986


I was on a total MORBID ANGEL roll today. In order to make the readers, downloaders and Death Metal enthusiasts happy (and to stimulate your impulse to donate – use the paypal button on the left!), here’s a little treat you’ve never heard before. A one track instrumental demo of a song that was tentatively […]

CHAINSAW- Police and Politicians, c/w Hole in the Road 7″ (Square Records, UK, 1981)


There were two bands of the NWOBHM with the CHAINSAW moniker, one from Yorkshire (who released two 7″s, with a fairly melodic style) and this one here, who also released a so-so 12″EP and a five song demo tape. “Police and Politicians” and “Hole in the Ground” are interesting rock numbers. Not so much Metal […]

SIEGE- Goddess of Fire, b/w Don’t punish me 7″ (selfproduced, UK, 1985)


Here we go again! Apparently, all the technical problems have been solved, although it is still unclear what caused all the trouble. Anyway, very special thanks go out to the tech support of Dreamhost, Tony Slug and Peter KBD Records! And when in the future I’m talking about ending the blog soon, don’t believe a […]