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Category Archives: Kind of Garage Punk

CRUCIFIX- s/t 12″EP (Universal Records, USA, 1981)


As of late, and don’t ask me why, I have learned to appreciate the debut by CRUCIFIX. It is sloppy, the guitar’s out of tune, the songs sound like the band was sedated, they’re just too slow. But still, this has got a lot of charme, especially when you think what a scorcher the following […]

ANGRY SAMOANS- Promo 12″EP (no label, USA, 1986)


You wanna know how to immediately recognize a poseur? Just ask him which the best ANGRY SAMOANS record is and if he responds “Back from Samoa”, you got him! Of course, the SAMOANS ironical view on Hardcore (as on “Samoa”) is a great record, but the early and the late ANGRY SAMOANS is where it’s […]