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Category Archives: Italian anthropofugal Hardcore

CHEETAH CROME MOTHERFUCKERS- s/t 7″EP (Cessofonya Records, Italy, 1981)


Italy’s GERMS – only that CCM‘s first vinyl offering DESTROYS right from scratch (while the first Germs 7″ was charming, but honestly, unlistenable). I’m sparing you from my usual blabber this time. Tune in, drop out, fuck off. PS: The tracklist of this EP is kinda sketchy. The label lists different and not all songs, […]

PEGGIO PUNX- La citta e’ quieta …. ombre parlano 7″EP (selfproduced, Italy, 1983)


On Mayday, here’s my small contribution to what this day meant to me (however silly these memorial-, festivities-days may be in general): Labor is the enemy. Am I still an operaist at heart? This I don’t know. PEGGIO PUNX were formed in 1982 in Alessandria, a small city in the north of Italy. In the […]

DECLINO- s/t 7″EP (selfproduced, Italy, 1983)


Here’s one to wash out your ears efficiently after the most venturesome post before. The probably most graceful moment in the not poor of graceful moments history of italian Hardcore: The first untitled EP by DECLINO from Torino (couldn’t resist the rhyming). Whatever synonym for «angry» or «aggressive» etc. you may think of – insert […]

NEGAZIONE- Tutti pazzi 7″EP (selfproduced, Italy, 1985)


“Erich, I’ve got something for you here!”, the shop owner Alex yelled at me in his irresistibly nonchalent way when I entered the legendary Bro Records shop one day in spring 1985. He waved the NEGAZIONE EP around in the smoke filled air of his empire. “What is it?”, I asked and he just said: […]

IMPACT- Solo Odio Mini-LP (Chaos Produzioni, Italy, 1985)


I originally wanted to post this smasher when the news here in good ol’Europe were full of pictures of Berlusconi with a bloodied face: Some guy gave him what he would deserve a thousand times more with a small statue of the dome of Milano. But things were too hectic here to bring it up […]

WRETCHED- In Nome del loro Potere tutto e stato fatto per distruggere il Mondo tu vivi 7″EP (selfproduced, Italy, 1983)


Whilst the greatness of certain records is largely undisputed, some others play the role of under-underground classics still. The fabrication of a canon (i.e. a catalog of what is regarded to be “classic” and what not) is a violent process, but luckily not one that could not be distorted, transformed and eventually even destroyed (although […]

WRETCHED- La tua Morte non aspetta Mini-LP (Chaos Produzioni, Italy, 1986)


How foolish I was! When one of my most beloved Hardcore bands released this 2nd 12″ record, I didn’t like it at all. Not only I didn’t – everybody said (and says) that this Mini-LP sounds “Metal” (which of course wouldn’t be no crime), but that’s bullshit. The difference from the band’s wilder days is […]

ROUGH- Tornio e la mia Citta & 3 7″EP (Meccano Records, Italy, 1982)


The undisputed king of all Italian Oi-related records: ROUGH and their claim for Torino! From what I’ve heard, italian Oi-bands were often fascists, but not so ROUGH. This is their only lifetime vinyl release, apart from several compilation appearances. And its by far their best material. All four songs on this low-budget 7″ are great, […]

KURO- Who the Helpless 8″EP (Blue Jug, Japan, 1984)


I will admit that I used to be deeper into that particular style of Hardcore Punk when I was younger. I will also admit that this second release by Japan’s mighty KURO still impresses me. The overall brutality and man, the vocals – the vocals. Fucking awesome, really. And if you have ever held the […]

NEGAZIONE- Condannatti a morte nel vostro quieto Vivere 7″EP (selfproduced, Italy, 1985)


Sometimes, you catch yourself humming a melody, a tune and you don’t know where it came from. This happened to me the yesterday. On my way home and all of a sudden, I had this melody in my head, or rather yet, a guitar riff. I couldn’t get it outta my head and today, after […]