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Category Archives: Great although from Spain

CRAPSCRAPERS- Don’t waste Money 7″EP (selfproduced, Germany, 1985)


From Berlin came CRAPSCRAPERS – the german WRETCHED. Abrassive, primitive and maybe not the elaboratest piece of plastic ever released, but when I came home from work today, I had this on my mind and I knew, it would be the perfect thing to kick start the weekend. I used to play this record up […]

GRB- Estoy tan contento! 7″EP (selfproduced, Spain, 1986)


GRB from Spain. One EP and a demo (that will be posted soon) – and I guess that pretty much was it. The songs are fast, melodic and extremely original. Although RAPED TEENAGERS come to mind quickly, this is still totally unique. The mosquito guitar, the singing, the rhythm and the compositions are something you […]