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Category Archives: Folk; Rebelotto

BAADER MEINHOF- s/t 7″ (VC / Hut, UK, 1996)


You know, the music of the 90s more or less steered clear of me. This would be one of the few exceptions: Luke Haines’ short lived BAADER MEINHOF project. The album (containing another, one-sided 7″) and the 7″ here are simply fantastic. In a telephone interview you can find online, Haines says that the title […]

V/A THE LID OF ME GRANNY’S BIN Comp. LP (Derry Records, North. Ireland, 1974)


This obscure anthology of (nationalist) rebel songs from Northern Ireland gets everybody I know off the chair and on the feet. Isn’t it kinda weird to see that of the thousands of records you have at home, only one would put a smile on everybody’s face? That’s exactly the case with this compilation and I’m […]