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Category Archives: End of the NWOBHM

Not even an announcement!


I wish I could tell you what my plans regarding this blog are. I don’t know myself. All I do know is that I lost interest in continuing it, since it began to feel like an obligation, like work. Stay tuned.

ANTISECT: Out from the Void 7″ (Endangered Musik, UK, 1986)


Maybe this is and always has been more of a record that I wanted to like, than one that I really did like. I don’t recall the review I wrote for my fanzine, when “Out from the Void” came out, but I tend to believe that it wasn’t bad at all. Yet, in the years […]

ELIXIR- Treachery (Ride like the Wind), c/w Winds of Time 7″ ((Elixir Records, UK, 1985)


It’s about highest time for another Metal post. And a short one at that too. ELIXIR were among the very last outfits of the original NWOBHM. After a demo tape which got favorable reviews in some fanzines, I ordered myself one and was pleasantly surprised. When a year later, this two tracker was announced, I […]

THE DESECRATORS- Speed up the Death Process LP (Pro-Anti Records, Switzerland, 2010)


This is one of the most astonishing records I heard in a long, long time. It was recorded as a demo in 1986, on a shitty 4 track recorder, in 4 hours and with the cheapest gear. Not that it would matter though, cause you will always be able to tell a great band from […]

STATE TROOPER- She got the Look, c/w Veni, vidi, vinci 7″ (Neat Records, UK, 1985)


Ever dreamed of the the following situation? You’re standing somewhere in the city (or in a forest – that’d make a neat picture too), dwelling on thoughts. Out of the blue, some guy walks to you with a friendly smile on a friendly face: “Hi! Aren’t you the guy who knows practically everything about good […]