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V/A NEW ELECTRIC WARRIORS- Compilation LP (Logo Records, UK, 1980)


A premiere on Goodbadmusic: A guest contribution! Akshay Ganesh describes himself as “a music fiend and a grumpy New Yorker”. I can absolutely confirm the first and maybe he just had a good day when we met in Devember of 2010, as he was anything but grumpy. We decided to meet in front of the […]

Podcast: SPIN RADIO UNDERGROUND: FEAR Live & Cover Versions Special (Spin / Enigma, USA, 1985)


In the mid 80s, SPIN MAGAZINE produced a series of radio promo double lps, every one of them featuring one main artist with a live concert, plus a full radio broadcast. To my knowledge, there are at least four of these double albums around, one with CIRCLE JERKS, one with MINUTEMEN, one with JESUS & […]

V/A SCENE OF THE CRIME- Compilation LP (Suspect Records, UK, 1981)


I’ve been meaning to post this for a long, long time. SCENE OF THE CRIME is not only a superb collection of five of the NWOBHM smaller names, it also comes in one of my most beloved covers. A headbanger demonstrating why Metal fans often refer to the guitar as “axe”. Wonderful! And another example […]

V/A REAGAN REGIME REVIEW- Compilation 7″EP (Selfless Records, USA, 1992)


What else could I come up with after the Touch and Go – Book review? This comp. came together with an issue of Touch & Go. Unfortunately I can’t find the zine no more, but I believe it was an anthology of sorts. However, all tracks on this sampler may be as good or as […]

V/A METAL MASSACRE- Compilation LP (Metal Blade Records, USA, 1982) First Version!


Let’s not start the new year without some more Metal. Here’s one treat for you. The New Wave of British Heavy Metal may have been many things. One thing it was not: It wasn’t limited to Britain, once the can had been opened. Just like in Punk, the sparks of the first wave flew around […]

V/A VARNING!! FOR PUNK- 3 CD-Compilation (Distortion Records & Ägg Records, Sweden, 1994)


This is the first time I’m posting a CD release and I’m posting this because it was released on CD only and seems to be pretty tough to come by and widely unknown outside of Sweden (where I happen to live) It’s pretty much an anthology of Swedish Punk and Hardcore, as excessive in number […]

BIG CITY AIN’T TOO PRETTY- 7″EP Compilation (Big City Records, USA, 1983)


Time for Hardcore! In your fucking face Hardcore that is!!! No fancy “oh look, we’re so talented and have so much to say”- crap, just good old plain aggression! This is the 2nd in a series of five Big City comps – and without a doubt, it’s the best (find the following “Nice and Loud” […]

V/A NICE AND LOUD- 7″EP Compilation (Big City Records, USA, 1984)


Long time no see. Things have been rather busy here the past two weeks and it’s not over yet. Apologies for the short text. The third of the five Big City comps features nothing but hits. The a-side has three NY bands of which the first two are the best. NO CONTROL start off with […]

V/A DIE DEUTSCHEN KOMMEN- Compilation LP (Rock-O-Rama, Germany, 1982)


Classic, notorious and hard to find compilation album on the controversial Rockorama label. FASAGA open up with four great, funny songs: Simple music totally dominated by the singing. In this case, the melodic and wacky vocals sound heavily inspired by the Neue Deutsche Welle thing that was on its peak in 1982. It adds a […]

V/A UNQUESTIONABLY LATE FOR THE TREND- Compilation 7″ EP (Existential Vacuum Records, USA, 1996)


This 7″ features exclusive material from the (almost) legendary recording sessions for one of my favourite comps, ever – the monumental ARE WE TOO LATE FOR THE TREND? Sampler. Texas Punk Grandezza recorded in 1978 and 1979. SUPERMAN’S GIRLFRIEND do the great “I ain’t no Asshole”, The VOMIT PIGS deliver “Hypo” & “Bomb the Arabs”, […]