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Category Archives: British phenomenological Hardcore Punk

E.N.T. & K.L.F.- 3 a.m. eternal 7″ (selfproduced, UK, 1992)


When in 1991, the british acid house act KLF decided it was time to retreat from the nasty music business (with the millions they had made), they decided to leave it with a bang. The group was announced to play the Brit Awards ceremony (a tasteless annual meeting of the music industry) and had in […]

INSTIGATORS- The Blood is on your Hands 7″EP (Bluurg Records, UK, 1984)


Huddersfield’s INSTIGATORS were one of the bands I loved right from the first note on. I first heard them on the «Cleanse the Bacteria» sampler and although Thrash was the thing for me in these days, I liked the INSTIGATORS songs very much. I ordered this EP and the first LP and couldn’t believe my […]

TOXIC REASONS- Ghost Town 7″EP (Risky Records, USA, 1981)


TOXIC REASONS’ second 7″ was this incredible three tracker, although all three tracks featured here would later all re-appear in new versions on the mandatory “Independence” LP. These three songs were produced by DK’s East Bay Ray and it’s safe to say that this isn’t one hell of a job, as far as engineering and […]

ANTI-SYSTEM- Defence of the Realm 7″EP (Pax Records, UK, 1983)


What a great, catchy and powerful little piece of vinyl this is! And what a major shame that this band’s legacy should be limited to crusty clowns wearing ANTI-SYSTEM stickers on their retro jackets. Filing bands like ANTI-SYSTEM under “crust” doesn’t do them justice at all – this is Hardcore à la Britain, no more […]

KURO- Who the Helpless 8″EP (Blue Jug, Japan, 1984)


I will admit that I used to be deeper into that particular style of Hardcore Punk when I was younger. I will also admit that this second release by Japan’s mighty KURO still impresses me. The overall brutality and man, the vocals – the vocals. Fucking awesome, really. And if you have ever held the […]

DISCHARGE- Live in Nottingham 7″EP Bootleg (no label, UK, 1987)


I heard the call for “more Hardcore” and the “D-Beat Hypothesis” by Stuart (check the comments section in the last post). DISCHARGE were noise not music, a wise man once said – and that’s what we learn from this bootleg. Good Hardcore always sounds like “noise” to the innocent ear. Bands like DISCHARGE deflorated my […]