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Category Archives: Boyscout Hardcore

PUSRAD- Smart Trams 7″ EP (Just4Fun, USA, 2012)


Perfection. Sort, sharp, to the point. Clever, full of energy, sounding like the best and yet like no one else. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing more that I could say. This yellow piece of plastic has so much energy, it makes me breathless. Thus the concept of “Smart Trams” is perfect: Short songs – and […]

NEGATIVE APPROACH- s/t 7″EP (Touch & Go Records, USA, 1982)


Day 4. (I’m not sure what Touch & Go’s actual policy on blogs using their music is [they used to be very restrictive], so it wouldn’t surprise me if the links had to be taken down quickly. As much as I would understand that, as much I hope that it’s clear that I’m doing what […]

D.Y.S.- Brotherhood Mini-LP (X-Claim Records, USA, 1983)


I couldn’t resist, so here’s the first 12er by the D.Y.S. (Department of Youth Services). Musically not as perfect, but in a way just as enjoyable as SSD (or maybe more so; totally depends on the mood I’m in) and lyrically from about the same caliber, only that D.Y.S. were a bit more outspokenly misogynistic. […]

SS DECONTROL- Get it away 12″EP (X-Claim Records, USA, 1983)


You cannot argue the overwhelming power of “Get it away”, the 2nd release by Boston’s notorious SOCIETY SYSTEM DECONTROL. Test it yourself: Turn up the volume to a considerable point, play these songs one after another and then take any other record and spin it next. If it’s not falling flat in comparison, it’s gotta […]

CRIPPLED YOUTH- Join the Fight 7″EP (New Beginning Records, USA, 1986)


After the youngest band in Hardcore, here’s another band full of youngsters. It’d be so easy to slag off CRIPPLED YOUTH mercilessly – not only for the fact that after this they became BOLD, one of these countless post-Hardcore bands that give me the creeps. Just check out the lyrics we’ve got here like the […]

V/A NUKE YOUR DINK – NEVADA HARDCORE SAMPLER E.P.- 7″ Comp (Positive Force, USA, 1984)


I originally wanted the first BCT comp tape, «First Strike», to be the next post on this blog. I had already begun editing the rip, when I started googling some background info. Well, as it seems, the tape was re-released on CD a while ago on the excellent Enterruption label outta San Francisco. So here […]

UNITY- You are one 7″EP (Wishingwell Records, USA, 1986)


Haha, yeah, yeah, I know – what is this doing here? Cross my heart – I love this record! UNITY managed to achieve what all these posi bands tried in vain: This is one of the records that really, really make me wanna go out and be nice to everybody. So full of joy, the […]