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Thanks for the Link ….


Thomas. And yes, the album is pathetic dung.

CRUDE S.S.- Who’ll survive 7″EP (Uproar Records, Sweden, 198somewhen)


Okay, Peter had three posts in a row today and I shall have two. All fuck ups that might appear in here are due to a bottle of fine white Bordeau I just had, so don’t blame me! “Under your influence, wrong goes right!” Peter hates CRUDE S.S. and as funny as it might sound […]

Blog of the Month: METAL INQUISITION. Surreal.


This blog proves it: Heavy Metal Fans are Punks with brains. There’s a lot to read there (start with the investigative report on Heavy Metal Real Estate. It’s surreal). And it does not only make my sarcasm sound like a random Dalai Lama quote in comparison – the comments there don’t make you guys commenting […]