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Goodbye to!

I couldn’t decide for a long time what to do with the blog. It’s quite obvious that I lost interest in bloggin’ and especially ripping stuff from my collection – and now I have also lost interest in paying from my own pocket to keep the music online for the readers to download free of charge in an ad-free environment.

So it’s time to say goodbye to I have not yet decided what to do with the almost 800 posts, but all the music will go for good. Download these sweet mp3 files while you can. It will all go offline soon, no exceptions.

It was great fun while it was great fun and I wanna thank you for participating: Commenting, supporting and spreading the gospel.






  1. Chuckie

    Thank you for all the great music! I learned about so many killer bands from this blog. Death SS, Destructors, Satan, NYC Mayhem, Shitlickers, Brats, Executioner, Neos, Tyson Dog, etc. etc. etc. I can’t thank you enough.


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  2. Doc

    A sad day indeed. Thanks for all the hard work and all the good bad music. Take it easy!


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  3. Fuzzbomb

    Late arrival – only found you today. Incredible catalogue you have put together here. Utterly amazed to find such rarities/ demo tapes that I’ve been searching for fucking ages. I don’t wanna come off as some ass kisser but I am grateful for all your effort. – thanks. I really regret having not found your blog sooner as I think I could have made a valuable contribution of Australian Hardcore – though I’m glad to see we are represented with a few post. I hope someone carries on here. I would really loved to make a contribution to this site. – All the Best


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  4. Thanks for all the great tunes. You definitely were an influence on my blog. Cheers.


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  5. Another day, another blog that shuts down. Too sad, because your blog was always a pleasure read as long as it lasted, even though I rarely downloaded something. But maybe you can save the reviews? Too much work to let it die. Thanks.


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  6. Joe Stumble

    A voice from the past here Erich….

    Totally understand why you’re wrapping it up. But it was great to get to know you through this blog. I absolutely admire how you ran this thing. I hope to remain friends with you for many years to come. Long live GMFBP.

    Joe Stumble


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  7. queasyfish

    Thanks Erich,

    I have very much enjoyed your writing which I’m hoping will continue. I’m an old (metal) dude (MN USA) too and I know ripping and posting runs into real life, but honestly I only grabbed a few things from you, Fuck any ripping responsibility, this is your blog. I like your writing most. Leave it alone for awhile if that feels right. Dump the file sharing costs. Come back and tell us some stories.

    Thanks again


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  8. best punk blog ever, untouchable


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  9. Odd, I should stop by, as I got on a kick of cleaning up dead links in my bookmarks for no good reason a couple hours ago.

    I gave myself a year to decide what to do with my old blog, but it is probably a dead duck since my collection is going into storage. Kind of hate to see it fade into oblivion, however, and was considering maybe downgrading the plan and eliminating the downloads to reduce bandwidth. There are some pretty cheap options out there.

    I have to say that one of the smarter things I did with my thing from the get-go was not allowing the ninnies to comment. You were always much more free about it and, to my mind at least, it serves no purpose and creates undo aggravation. It has nothing to do with fair play and you do them a favor they’ve done nothing to deserve. The wall of silence is a suitable rebuttal to stupid shit. The content of comments on the web has gotten so stupid and ugly in recent years–it’s like there’s an army out there just trying to stir up crap or push an agenda.


    Dave Brushback Reply:

    People still leave nasty comments on blogs? I thought that was only for YouTube videos and on-line newspaper articles.

    I haven’t had a comment on my blog for like two years now (outside of friends saying ‘hi’), much less anyone picking a fight with me.


    Dewey Decimal Reply:

    Piss off Mr. Poopy!


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  10. Sad to hear that, but can sympathise! Thanks for all the hours spent so far!


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  11. mark

    hi erich.mission(mostly) accomplished then? this was a great site amid the general self indulgent rubbish that is the internet nowadays..i’m sure this has been of real benefit to people just getting into this type of music an for older scenesters alike. a brilliant resource as your collection is pretty unique as you came from a metal background and your taste in punk/hc is pretty much spot-on aswell..anyway all the best…


    Posted on 17-Mar-15 at 12:37 | Permalink
  12. p.

    seems like it’s done, links are dead?!
    thank you very very much for all the stuff you did (writings, rips, bad bad comments, beeing patient (?) etc.)
    I only wrote occasionly coments, but visited your site often…
    und jetzt gang go schaffä, wird villicht mol öpis us dir!


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  13. amirtatin

    god bless, erich.


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  14. Jochen

    Yep, that was it, one of the best things on the internet has come to its end. Thanks for everything, Erich, and you should definitely keep on writing about music (in one form or another).

    Best of luck,



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  15. eddie

    So Peter won’t say goodbye to you??? 🙁


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  16. many thanks; good luck!


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  17. Tommy

    Felt like I arrived at the mother of all parties as the last people were leaving.


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  18. Warbeast

    good bye faggot, I’ll miss this fuckin’ page. See you in hell


    Posted on 07-Apr-15 at 05:16 | Permalink
  19. Nikolas

    This is sad man…. anyways, fuck all shitty music and the faggot rock bands of today, HAIL TO PUNK AND METAL, thank you Erich for all the badass music you posted here keepin us company on our way to hell….


    Posted on 12-Aug-15 at 15:46 | Permalink
  20. GerMan

    If it feels like work, it’s definitively time to stop. I will miss this blog — I only looked in every few months lately, but I have followed it for years.

    Thank you for all the work (and love!) you put in this great blog! It has enlightened me. Farewell & see you in hell!


    Posted on 06-Nov-15 at 17:36 | Permalink
  21. J

    Always one of the best sites!

    FOG neves dies…aaarrgghh!!!


    Posted on 12-Jan-16 at 02:44 | Permalink
  22. Marco

    Thanks for your great blog


    Posted on 14-Apr-16 at 08:36 | Permalink

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