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SEX DWARF- Full av aska 7″EP (D-Takt & Rapunk Records / Konton Crasher, Sweden 2013)

IMG IMG_0001IMG_0004 IMG_0005 Per Thunell is a force of nature! The ex-singer of PROTES BENGT and FILTHY CHRISTIANS (among others) newest comeback with fuzzed-out, fuckshitupistic, batshit crazy SEX DWARF.

Never before has a band named after a Soft Cell song sounded so little like Soft Cell. SEX DWARF burst out with seven distorted, mid-tempo songs that remind of a slower version of CONFUSE, mixed with swedish insanity. And of course Per’s unique voice, which is not particularly deep nor high, but has this very own timbre. There are days when all you need is this kind of mayhem, turned up loud.
Very nice packaging too, thick cardboard sleeve, slick graphics. Highly recommended! (Europe); (USA).

Here are two of the seven tracks. The ballad “Lögner” and “Ängestattack”.