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CRUCIFIX- s/t 12″EP (Universal Records, USA, 1981)

As of late, and don’t ask me why, I have learned to appreciate the debut by CRUCIFIX. It is sloppy, the guitar’s out of tune, the songs sound like the band was sedated, they’re just too slow. But still, this has got a lot of charme, especially when you think what a scorcher the following 7″ – and what a massive blast the LP was.

None of the five songs is particularly outstanding. “Religion kills” is kinda quick and short, and the refrain sounds like they would sing “Nature kills” and “Brazen Hell”, the longest of the five, I maybe enjoy the most, though it’s a total Negativ Trend rip off (“Black and red”!).

But as I said, it’s the ep as such that I learned to appreciate. It’s a pretty early release and even though Crucifix are often lumped in with Discharge, I really can’t hear any Discharge neither on this, nor the other releases. The anti-war topic, of course and the very uniformed look of the band from 1982 on (look at the backcover photo, how clean cut they still are!). Truth is: This eps materiality is just as important as the music. The cardboard stock of the cover, the fantastic red color, the old-fashioned backside, the labels, the company (why on earth “Universal Records”?) the lyricsheet – you hold these parts in your hands, play the record with its crude and raw sound and it just feels right.
First pressing is on black, second, more common one, on red vinyl.

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