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Squirt, The: s/t Cassette Album (selfproduced, Switzerland, 1983)

First off – My goodbadmusic-sabbatical is over! I’ve been quite busy with some private stuff which has basically occupied me full time throughout the year.

So let’s kick off with two things here. An immensely great demo tape you haven’t heard before and with the annual donation round, which is open now (see the Donate-Button on top of the left column? Hit it!) . For those of you who wish to see goodbadmusic both continue and working, chip in, please. It’s the first donation round in two years, as I decided to pay the costs for maintenance last year all by myself, but now it’s your turn again. This  blog will only exist advertisement-free, non-commercial and crowd-funded. It’s been doing so since 2006. I spare you the obligatory self-praise, but as a more or less regular visitor, you will know what this source & platform of great music and knowledge is worth to you.
Needless to say, this is also a reminder to keep on commenting hard. Voice your opinion, share your wisdom or get back in touch together. I provide the sounds and some of the contents; the rest is up to you. Don’t be a sheepish consumer – get involved. Don’t just download – buy re-releases as they come available. We’ve had tens of thousands of retro-bands trying to do as their parents did (yawn) – let now follow thousands of retro-kids who actively support music in general. And by support, quite frankly, I mean: Spend money, but spend it wisely. You don’t need to support Spotify or iTunes or other rip off sources. Go vinyl & CD! Order from your local shops, order from labels and bands directly! I now could add some more exclamation point sentences, but I won’t.

I fucking lied! This demo rules! Think of the SQUIRT as the only swiss Hardcore band ever, or better: Think of this cassette as the only swiss Hardcore release. I’m not joking.
Little seems to be known about the Squirts, other than they came from Lucerne, a real shitass dump of town in central Switzerland, and older scenesters seem to remember them as a bit “difficult” (they rarely ever played out live and were not so much connected to he local scene). Seems to me they were just quite on a trip of their own, musically / technically surpassing every other swiss Hardcore Punk band of the time by far. Tight, fast, talented, with a great sense for riffing & interesting structures, this tape is just on top ofthe international Hardcore game. Recorded in November 1983, later (partially) re-released on vinyl on Weird System Records (in 1985, as “Men & their Masters”).
Maybe some ex-member chimes in sooner or later, that’d be fantastic, as this tape is a real stunner and since I never managed to come up with an explanation for the fact that Switzerland did not develop a proper Hardcore scene, maybe the SQUIRT will have their own point of view regarding this subject.

Download the entire cassette (15 raging songs; zip-folder) here.