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CHEETAH CROME MOTHERFUCKERS- s/t 7″EP (Cessofonya Records, Italy, 1981)

Italy’s GERMS – only that CCM‘s first vinyl offering DESTROYS right from scratch (while the first Germs 7″ was charming, but honestly, unlistenable).
I’m sparing you from my usual blabber this time. Tune in, drop out, fuck off.

PS: The tracklist of this EP is kinda sketchy. The label lists different and not all songs, Discogs has yet a different one – I’m following the one given on the insert (including the typos). I’m aware of the fact that it’s probably not correct (except for “400 Fascists” – by the way one of the greatest songs ever made). Please correct, but not if you’re some 23 years old mp3 collector. Thank you.

Any Sacrifice.mp3
400 Fascists.mp3
Handcluffs for.mp3