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CHEETAH CROME MOTHERFUCKERS- s/t 7″EP (Cessofonya Records, Italy, 1981)

Italy’s GERMS – only that CCM‘s first vinyl offering DESTROYS right from scratch (while the first Germs 7″ was charming, but honestly, unlistenable).
I’m sparing you from my usual blabber this time. Tune in, drop out, fuck off.

PS: The tracklist of this EP is kinda sketchy. The label lists different and not all songs, Discogs has yet a different one – I’m following the one given on the insert (including the typos). I’m aware of the fact that it’s probably not correct (except for “400 Fascists” – by the way one of the greatest songs ever made). Please correct, but not if you’re some 23 years old mp3 collector. Thank you.

Any Sacrifice.mp3
400 Fascists.mp3
Handcluffs for.mp3


  1. Ggreat! Thanks a lot


    Posted on 12-May-13 at 22:23 | Permalink
  2. Zoka suicide

    But collecting mp3z fucking rules!


    Posted on 13-May-13 at 15:54 | Permalink
  3. Dan

    23 years old mp3 collectors ARE NOT pretentious assholes….lol


    Posted on 16-May-13 at 04:51 | Permalink
  4. howardx

    off topic but


    Posted on 12-Jun-13 at 16:55 | Permalink
  5. leo

    great job as usual. just wanted to add that the insert was available only w/ second/later pressings, not w/ the 1st one.


    Posted on 21-Jun-13 at 22:06 | Permalink
  6. Fernando

    Hi Ericco, how’s life? Long time no see!
    Yes, CCM tracklistings, always a mess. Discogs is right but probably you are too. I.e., Tellyson = Any Sacrifice (same song appears in Permanent Scar). The 2 songs after “Alkool” is a pairing called “Bendix power / Secret Hate” in other releases but I guess it could have another title at some stage (at least the lyrics or groans in”Secret Hate” seem very different, to this ears, in this EP).
    This copy of yours has to be a 1983-84 repress as the inlay mentions the 6/83 tape (P. Scar / Sfreggio permanente). Mine is a 90’s repress, possibly bootleg. Didn’t impress me very much at first but then kept growing becoming a big italo Godzilla flamethrowing from my speakers…
    Take care, saludos

    Fernando 🙂


    Posted on 12-Jul-13 at 02:23 | Permalink
  7. mark.b

    Regarding the insert with this record..i distributed afew copies of this late 83/ early 84 an none came with any insert..but seperately in the box i recieceved it had that exact insert pictured..i stuck it in with the copy i kept at the time..but which i traded away in the 90s to robnoxious(silly me..)
    it’d be cool if that was my old copy..i miss it haha but its found a good home anyway..their tape is the best stuff they did IMO
    Saw C.C.M in london in 87..what an awful night that was..ruined by smackhead crusties..


    Posted on 15-Aug-13 at 11:37 | Permalink
  8. I had to go check my copy to see what inserts it has. It only has the second one.

    I still fondly remember seeing them play at the Farm in S.F., with BGK and MDC. One of my favorite gigs from that time period. It’s all on YouTube too. I can see the back of my head in the crowd.


    Posted on 22-Aug-13 at 00:56 | Permalink
  9. “not for 23 year old mp3 collectors”

    You run a fucking mp3 music blog you fucking faggot.
    And before you call me out I’ll have you know I have over 9000 lps and singles. I’m also a top US navy sniper, kiddo.


    Admin Reply:

    That sounds fucking rad!!!


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