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ANTISECT: Out from the Void 7″ (Endangered Musik, UK, 1986)

Maybe this is and always has been more of a record that I wanted to like, than one that I really did like. I don’t recall the review I wrote for my fanzine, when “Out from the Void” came out, but I tend to believe that it wasn’t bad at all. Yet, in the years to follow, I sold the two copies I had of it. And when yesterday, I saw this single by ANTISECT for a reasonable price at some record store nearby, I just thought, what the hell – I’m buying this, but no matter what, I’m keeping it this time!
So I gave it some rounds today. I immediately knew what it was that I never liked, and that’s how the first song starts off. With these loud, reverby snare beats that sound like coming from some hairmetal band, and the main riff which sounds like many main riffs from particularly british punk bands that had caught the Metallica bug around the mid 80s (think of Concrete Sox or Broken Bones). But after a while, as the song evolves, I cannot deny a certain force it delivers. It’s well played, with a rather shitty production and yeah, the drumming is not the best, but it has some kind of a dark, eerie atmosphere that I’m fond of. The same could be said, except for the shittier metal parts, about the flipside. Generally, I appreciate the the way this single is done: No song titles, no info, just very basic, like a statement of some kind of urgency.
Don’t even talk about “In Darkness, there’s no Choice”, ANTISECT’s masterpiece, released two years prior to this. In a way, it’s grotesque to see how much the band changed and how little they seem to have understood what they did on the LP and what was so extraordinarily great about it. But that’s something you encounter quite often, maybe it’s even the regular process: Follow-up albums sometimes are trying too hard to come up with something new, at least from bands that are not just re-doing their formula over and over again. Maybe that’s a sign of artistic creativity and some form of bravery, whether or not the band succeeds. And when you listen to today’s boring crap in what’s left of the Punk or Hardcore scene, even a halfway failed attempt as this one here still gets the credit of at least trying something that was new at the time.

Out from the Void – Part 1.mp3
Out from the Void – Part 2.mp3


  1. Adamski

    One of my earliest mail order/distro buys after getting into hardcore. Man, I thought it was complete garbage when you compare it to the LP. I actually went to see them play in a local(ish) pub with Oi Polloi, but the manager of the pub said I was underage (I was) and that i could stay with him in his flat until the gig was over. I was a cute boy!


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  2. Basher

    What happened to all the chickenhawks lurking around the punk/hc scene?


    Posted on 21-Jan-13 at 04:12 | Permalink
  3. Tomasso

    excellent observation. i remember how dismayed we always felt when a band whose first record we loved suddenly left behind everything that was so great about them in the first place because they suddenly learned how to play the chuggah-chuggah-riff form “seek and destroy” or something. back then we put it down to the fact that those band wanted to progress to something more professional/commercial. now i think, it has more to do with the fact that they didn’t understand fuck why they used to be so great. then there were interviews like “we don’t think our first record is all that great, we wanted to evolve into this and that” – and while reading that stuff you always thought: “WTF? are you idiots?”


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  4. Ian

    Never really liked this & really never ‘got’ the whole antisect thing. I had the album for years cos I liked the artwork, but when I listened to it a few years back it didnt stand up at all…sounds weak & lame & the proto metal touches just sound bloody awful! Amebix & icons of filth did it much better. That whole doom/ crust thing from that time was interesting for about 1 minute…but gotta admit it generated a few good thirst designs at least!


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  5. Ian

    Thirst = t shirt ( bloody perceive text!)


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  6. la grange

    look – it’s not so important how good the records are that you post or how rare. the thing is: no other blog THINKS about music the way yours does. I wish you’d post more and also more new stuff. whatever genre.


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  7. Sir Crust

    What you said. LP: awesome. 7″: not quite so.


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  8. Blowfly

    It always annoyed me that Antisect dropped all the in darkness stuff from their live set after 1985. This followed the departure of Caz, Rich Hill and Pete Boyce. They seemed to take off in a moremetal direction. They have now reintroduced a lot of the indarkness stuff as i saw them at show last year. I wonder why? I think they are not the band they once were. Too many line up changes and now it appears that 1perspn is in charge. Very sad to see this mighty band finish like this


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  9. Basher

    Sad to see them finish like this? I think they were finished back in 85. Try and count how many classic 80s hardcore bands have come back minus all but one original member. Shit, there are even bands out there playing that no longer have any original members.

    I don’t go to many hardcore shows anymore. Removed from the cultural context in which the music was originally made the “scene” just seems ridiculous to me.

    Kids born in 1990 dressing and playing like it’s 1982. What a pointless game. Seems anathema to what revolutionary art movements were all about but I guess that’s what happens, I won’t play the tard game though.


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  10. Per Eriksson

    Hej Erich!:-DReally really great write up of this classic slab of crust punk.As you mentioned, the music isn’t as good as on their 1983-album, but hey, it does grow on you after a while.For me, the record that changed my life-and were of course talking about hardcore punk-is the “Group Sex”-LP by The Circle Jerks from the autumn of 1980.The first time I heard it is one of those rare moments in your life when you know that this record is gonna stand the test of time and never be dated.Soon after, I bought The Dead Kennedys equally great first album, but I remember thinking that The Circle Jerks really is a standout record.What is your own personally favorite life defining hardcore punk-LP?


    Posted on 25-Jan-13 at 19:14 | Permalink
  11. Pogo Stick

    Funny review. Shame you just don’t seem to get it. I agree that the production is shit and some of the playing is dodgy, (drums in particular) but it was a thing that was of it’s time and lyrically still fucking great. I saw them a couple of times last year and yes they were still fucking awesome. Of course they’re 20 or however many years older but they were by far the most powerful band of the night on both occasions. The thing is when people write reviews of releases like this they very rarely take into account the context, time and place from where it originated. They were a crusty punk band who squatted. Of course they’re not Metallica, but that’s not the point. They were great then (and now) for as much because of what they write about than how they sound. Each to their own obviously, but as I said, I really don’t think you get what they were and are about.


    Posted on 05-Feb-13 at 00:14 | Permalink
  12. wedge

    wow. I had this record back when it came out. remember seeing it on a mail-order list for really cheap for an ‘import’ back then, and I had to have it!!! I had spent many drunk/stoned nights blasting the copy of “In Darkness…” that my friend Kevin Ries (from Idiot Humans, he’s sadly R.I.P.) would let me listen to when I was hanging around…man, was I disappointed when I got it!!! even though I was way into Motorhead, Slayer, Hellhammer, etc, then, I just couldn’t take the direction this band’s music had gone. I think I kept it for about a year before I just gave it away to someone who I met locally and was interested in hearing it. over the years I always wanted to check this one out again, as my tastes broadened & changed, but was never able to find a copy anywhere. last april 2013, my current band (Wetbrain) was on tour, and I saw an official reissue of it for pretty cheap, so I snagged it. it was the first thing that hit my stereo when I got home. I cant say I was blown away by it, but I do enjoy it much more now than when it came out. actually, a very solid record that stands quite well on its own. but “In Darkness There Is No Choice” is STILL such an incredible record, and this following EP will, unfortunately, still stand in the shadows of that previous LP as a result. a fine ep, though!!


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