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F- You are an E.P. 12″EP (Intendo Distorto Records, USA, 1984)

Soundcard issues have been fixed!

One of Florida’s greatest – and still surprisingly obscured 12″ by the notorious F.
The six songs on this ep rip hard! Great voice, great guitar, competent rhythm section and songs that just flow over with energy and aggression, although they are not played overly fast. Bands like Hypnotics or Secret Hate come to mind, if one wants to compare F to other, maybe slightly more known bands. But actually, I don’t find that rather unnecessary as F have a sound of their own, with a bit more of a raw edge to it (which partially results from the crude recording of this ep which clips here and there).
You may wanna check out F’s great contribution to the first Flipside Vinyl Fanzine. The Split LP with White Flag is so-so and that’s all the F that I have heard.

The stories around Fs antics are many: You may read Bob Suren’s piece in his excellent Florida Hardcore and Punk summary , Aesop’s insights are here for you to read or go on to KFTH (which also has the lyrics – my copy unfortunately is missing the two inserts). Some copies came with drawings on the cover, the band says 1500 were made (though, as Bob points out, numbers given differ). My guess would be 1000. Circa 200 of the pressing were destroyed during the record release party. Even the year of release is controversial, 1983 or 1984 (1984 seems to be more accurate). Repress (remastered) available, I heard – you may wanna google it up yourself.

In control.mp3
Spit it out.mp3
Citizen’s Arrest.mp3
Such Men are dangerous.mp3
My Country ’tis of thee.mp3


  1. Tomasso

    i remember when i heard their first song on the first flipside comp. – “attack”. i was hooked from the word go. the 12″ is simply as great. i’ll have to check my copy if it has the inserts.


    Posted on 28-Dec-12 at 17:00 | Permalink
  2. keith f

    Glad there’s more music again.


    Posted on 28-Dec-12 at 17:35 | Permalink
  3. keith f

    Oh, and the second track isn’t working for me.


    Admin Reply:

    Fixed! It’s such a killer of a song!


    Posted on 28-Dec-12 at 17:36 | Permalink
  4. Rivethead


    great ep!!!!!


    Posted on 28-Dec-12 at 19:03 | Permalink
  5. simon furunkel

    never heard of this record or band before but it does fuckin rip! total blast!


    Posted on 28-Dec-12 at 19:07 | Permalink
  6. Dewey Decimal

    “WE ARE THE PENIS-HEIMERS” (check spine). There is also a 7-inch called “Four From ’84” released in 2007. I’m not positive it’s the same band…comparing my copies of the inserts from the 12″ EP to the inserts to the “Four From ’84” 7 inch is very confusing. Seems to be overlap in some band members and also at least one song is the same, but there is an interview with the singer on one insert from the 7 inch where he is asked to list the full discography and he doesn’t list the We Are An EP record. The recent repress (with Mess You Up on reverse) is well done, though I’m not a fan of the Mess You Up material. Thanks for ripping this, one of my favorite records.


    Posted on 28-Dec-12 at 19:32 | Permalink
  7. Glad You back posting records like this. I have missed your post….


    Posted on 28-Dec-12 at 19:37 | Permalink
  8. Vince

    Never forget, old kids, that Reagan loved you… (up your ass)!


    Posted on 29-Dec-12 at 14:38 | Permalink
  9. Javi

    Yeah! I was really looking forward to this one being published on the site. Great snotty Punk that for some reason reminds me of A more HC Angry Samoans (Secret Hate always sounded more Minutemen-ish to my ears). One of the truly great hidden gems of the original USHC era.
    Picked the Puke n’ Vomit reissue and it’s great of course. The Mess You Up EP has a more Pop Punk sound to it, but it’s pretty cool as well.
    Glad you’re back!


    Posted on 06-Jan-13 at 13:30 | Permalink
  10. Dan

    Didn’t know this was a Must Have EP. Nice. I think hearing about the antics of F and the different F bands made me assume they’d be goofs. This is real good though, not a bad track on it.


    Posted on 13-Jan-13 at 18:51 | Permalink
  11. JamesPatrick

    Psssst.. This record is really the penis-heimers stealing all of the band F’s songs and recording and releasing far better versions before the “real” F ever had a chance to do so!.. Punk rock genius!!


    Posted on 16-Feb-14 at 04:17 | Permalink

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