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GHOST- Secular Haze Live in Linköping, Sweden, December 2012

Papa Emeritus & his friars in their 2nd incarnation.
Still – the most amazing band of our time! The rank sweetness, the maelstrom, the bottomless pit, that opens beneath your feet. May they take on the world. And end it.


  1. Maikoholic

    Maybe a 3rd incarnation isn’t a bad idea…


    Posted on 21-Dec-12 at 22:17 | Permalink
  2. nik

    fucking amazing band….
    Admin i’m still waiting for you to post the Bloodstar – S/T full album…..

    Thanks anyway, Nik, Kozani, from the poor Greece


    Posted on 06-Mar-13 at 13:24 | Permalink

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